Tip of the Week for Father's Day

To get the answers to your vegetable gardening questions go to the people who wrote the weekly newsletter. The U Mass Extension. They put out a weekly newsletter that is packed with useful information. While they may recommend chemicals that are impractical for the home gardener, their alerts about airborne diseases are accurate and will put you in charge of keeping your plants healthy. http://extension.umass.edu/vegetable/publications/vegetable-notes-newsletter/archives If you are going away and have no one to water your hanging baskets, just bring them back to the farm and for a small fee we will tag them with your information and put the on the drip line. Don't come home to dead baskets any more.

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Sprout Farm Newsletter October 30, 2021 sproutfarm.net Open 9-5 daily Hello Everyone, Well that was a surprise storm. I think we've been preparing for storms like that for the last forty years