Is this a Cape Cod summer?

Wet and rainy, I expect wonderful wild blueberries next year. In the mean time you can take a little break from constant watering. Just remember to keep up with your fertilizing. Hello Everyone, This week we are harvesting or bringing in from local farms:

tomatoes, cluster tomatoes summer squash, zucchini kohlrabi, lettuce, cukes kale, Swiss chard, radishes, bok choi, arugula, carrots, beets. Sweet Cherries- just arrived from The Big Apple Farm in Wrentham, very short season Butter and sugar corn-I pick it up daily from Sauchuk Farm in Plympton, MA cut herbs- (in the cooler)-lots of French tarragon, some chives,spearmint, sage, Italian parsley, a little basil, cinnamon basil(great on Thai food), rosemary (when I can get some from my brother's house in Cotuit) and more.

Visit the herb garden in the ally between the tomato house and the seedling house. green beans, cabbage, celery, We have limited garden space so supply for the stand is hit or miss. If we have it, you get it. Please help us out by bringing damaged items to our attention. Farmers only eat the 'seconds'

Tip of the week: You may have had trouble in the past with hanging basket or planters drying out. I recently watched a video that said you need to keep the water running until the basket had received three gallons of water, approx. 37 seconds of constant watering. Right now that doesn't apply because of all the rain but here's a site that does a great job explaining watering. We use many Proven Winner brand plants in our hanging baskets so they know a thing or two.

Water Your Way to Happy Plants

I like this article because it tells of a drastic solution for nearly dead dry plants. I like to walk the pot over to the fish pond and give it a good dunking.

I hold the plant under the water and watch all the air bubbles come rushing to the surface of the pond.

When the bubbles stop, I leave the plant, upright, in the pond for a few minutes.

I take it out when I see that the soil ball has expanded to meet the side of the pot once again.

The fish ignore the whole process.

One more site I want to bring to your attention>

We used to have a problem with blossom end rot in our tomatoes until be learned about the link between magnesium deficiency,

calcium uptake in tomato plants and blossom end rot. We started adding a special mag. booster to the tomato fertigation and the problem went away.

Happy gardening and that you for your support

Phyllis Sprout

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