Late summer at the farm.

Sprout Farm Newsletter Aug. 25, 2017

Fall is coming! OMG Labor Day weekend is next weekend. Jay is waiting for the mums to crack color before he sets a price for them. That is going to make things difficult for those of us on the register. Feel free to encourage his to make up his mind about the mums. The Montauk daisies will go out on Friday. They're very nice but still green, they color up very late.

We're sorry to tell you that we lost Footsey this week. The creatures that live in the woodlands have claimed another cat. That is seven cats missing this week in Mashpee.

The solution to keeping our yard coyote free will probably be very creative and have something to do with tiger poop. Hey, it worked years ago when I got a deposit from the traveling tiger exhibit at the Barnstable County Fair. We keep the new kittens very close and lock them up at night but they hang out at the stand with us during the day so stop by for your kitten fix.

Back to food and flowers. We are getting new apple varieties every week. The ginger gold apples are considered a salad apple and they are big, sweet and great eating. We are loaded with juicy peaches from the Big Apple farm in Wrentham. The tomatoes come from our greenhouse, garden, or Sauchuk Farm. The Indigo Blue cherry tomatoes have a deep heritage tomato flavor. They have blue shoulders. We'll keep the farm stand full of the best produce from our field and local farms.

The cut flowers are at their peak. The zinnias are spectacular and the newest flower, lisianthus, is doing well and I make sure every bouquet has at least three of these beautiful blooms. The stems may be short but is a small bud vase they will last close to a week. The flowers take a while to pick so please be patient. This is the first year we've used a horizontal net over the flowers to keep the stems from breaking in strong winds. I like it because it used only six T-stakes to hold up the 100' long net.

Ian is heading back to school off Cape. We will miss him and the great job he did in the tomato house. It's great to have young men who can carry a bag of corn from the cooler to the stand without straining some unused muscle. I hope we see him next year.

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