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Sprout Farm Newsletter Sept. 1, 2017

Good Morning and welcome to September. The Halloween decorations and candy are already in the stores but we are still a few weeks away from those wonderful fall treats. The ears of sweet corn are at least double the size they were in July and those bags can get pretty heavy. Enjoy the glut.

I'll be traveling to the Big Apple in Wrentham tomorrow (Sat.) and will pick up peaches. For those of you who have been enjoying the best peaches ever but don't want to cook with those beauties there is a solution. Don puts up 20 lb boxes of 'seconds' and we sell those boxes for $16.00. I've watched him put those boxes up. He takes a box fresh from the field and divides the peaches up, perfect from less than perfect. There's almost no waste but I need to know how many boxes to order before I leave for Wrentham. You can call the farm at 774-392-3168 and leave a message on Jay's cell phone. (He's going to love that.)

Cukes are getting hard to find. This time of year bugs and disease take a heavy toll and we aren't the only farm that is going through this smaller harvest.

Thanks go out to my brother and sister-in-law for a cute trick to keep ants off your deck table. They had an idea inspired by an ant dam feature on their hummingbird feeder. They placed small shallow dishes underneath the legs of the table on their deck. They filled the dishes, deep saucers, with water thereby creating an ant dam. As long as there is water in the saucers, there are no ants sharing their meal on the table.

That's all for now. This really is the best time of year for garden produce. I can't wait to see what is available for apples and other tree fruits. The lettuce will be happier with the cool weather and the broccoli is looking good in the field. We just have to find the time to go out and pick all those beans.

The kittens are growing big and Maggie keeps a growth chart on the wall.

See you soon.

Phyllis Sprout

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