Fall is here!

Sprout Farm News Letter Sept. 29, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Well last week's storm knocked down a lot of beautiful late summer plants. Jay says the zucchini and summer squash have come to an end and the few cucumber plants that survived will give us some cukes but they're hit or miss. The cut flowers took a big hit but I still try to make up a bouquet or two with the flowers that are left. We have lots of winter squash including you're favorite, butternut squash for 69¢/lb. We have plenty of pumpkins in all sizes.

I just came back from C.N. Smith Farm in Bridgewater and we now have gallon bottles of cider.

The Macoun apples are in and the folks at the Big Apple Farm in Wretham tell us that they have a bumper crop of apples this year.

We have lots of home grown mums and many of them are just cracking color. If you have a special color in mind and you don't see it on display out front, just ask and we'll see if we have it in the greenhouse.

I know we just entered into fall but Jay is looking ahead to our annual Christmas tree order. If you want to purchase a very tall Christmas tree, over 10' tall, please let us know ahead of time. We plan to have trees in that size only if they have been pre-ordered.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

We have had so many beautiful Painted Lady butterflies this year I just had to take a picture of them on the late asters we had planted near the house.

Phyllis Sprout

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