Fall is beautiful.

Sprout Farm Newsletter Oct 21, 2017

Hello Everyone,

We have reached that calm between the fall pumpkin season and the wonderful Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

We've pretty much run out of mums and the apple selection is the best of the year. Lettuce is back in season and should be with us until frost.

There has been some confusion about our apples. We get them from The Big Apple in Wretham. We do not have apple picking here. Unfortunately there are some Google sites that list us as an apple picking destination. The Big Apple is about seventy-five miles from here and they have apple picking but we do not. Don up at the Big Apple has a neat suggestion for you pie makers. If you want to make a very tasty pie, chose several different pie apples, peal them and slice them into rings. Layer the rings into the pie crust one variety at a time, like you were layering a lasagna. When you slice through the pie you will get a combination of the different flavored apples in every bite. Yum. Now if I could just find the answer to a perfectly easy pie crust I would happily put on several pounds.

Our mums have gone by but I am impressed at how long the yellow mums in the big pots lasted.

More good news. Quinaquisset Ave is finally open from end to end.

Don't forget to make a list of your favorite plants and/or take pictures of them before the frost hits.

It makes shopping for specific plants a lot easier during the busy spring garden shop season.

One of our customers shared how he kept ants away by tempting them with a 50/50 mixture of borax and sugar. He put the mixture in a pet safe container and soon there were no ants. It turns out that Borax is a very handy 'green product' to have around the house. Check it out for yourself.

See you soon,


Catacheno looks like he just finished his milk but don't let the begger fool you.

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