Happy Thanksgiving

Sprout Farm Newsletter Nov. 17, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Jay and I want to extend a special thank you to all of our customers who have helped to make this a wonderful year here at Sprout Farm.

It has been a quiet two weeks here with very little produce from our garden on hand but we still have lots of apples, butternut squash, jams and other fall favorites. Jay went north today to pick up Christmas greens but was disappointed that there were no kissing balls or mantle pieces. We will be making a limited number of these items but we have to wait until the Christmas trees arrive the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We make use of all the brush that is discarded when Jay trims off the lower branches of the trees.

This is a big disappointment for us but for those of you who decorate with balsam kissing balls, I saw decorated kissing balls for under $22.00 yesterday at Wal-Mart in Wareham. Kissing balls may be in short supply this year. I don't know if Falmouth Wal-Mart has them but I would call first before making the drive.

Jay will be driving to Maine on Sunday to pick up the fresh, handmade balsam wreaths. There has been enough snow up north to make it difficult for some wreath makers to get to their trees but fortunately, this is not a problem for our supplier.

The Fraser Christmas trees will arrive the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It takes a few hours to unload the truck but we'll get the trees ready for you as soon as possible.

We still have cider in half gallons along with a limited supply of interesting cider. Remember this cider is not pasteurized but safe to drink due to the UV light treatment.

The garland arrived today and it looks beautiful. Some of you may want to try a trick we did last year with some pine/fir tips we cut ourselves. We wrapped the tips around some cheap artificial garland and a little fresh greenery went a long way to keeping mixed garland looking filled out as the pine dried out naturally. Jay just cut down some white pine branches so it looks like I have what I need to get started with our mixed artificial/fresh garland to decorate the empty flower boxes. It holds up well in the strong winds and a big red bow finishes off the festive look.

See you soon,

Phyllis Sprout

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