Christmas trees, wreaths and kissing balls are now in season.

Sprout Farm News letter Dec. 2, 2017

Good morning everyone,

The Christmas season is here and the good news is that we have found a new supplier for kissing balls. We have all the ones we originally ordered, a little late but we have them. Karen and I are busily decorating the centerpieces and wreaths. I love this week because we have trees in all sizes. When the popular sizes sell out it becomes painful to tell people we don't have what they want. The same is true for wreaths. Jay brought the wreaths home from Maine early last week and the 12” size is selling quickly. I keep telling him that they're selling quickly because no one can find the other sizes stacked up along the sides of the greenhouse. I'm surprised at how big and full the 8” and 10” wreaths are. Next year he's going to have to rent a trailer because I don't want another phone call from him as he's leaving Maine to tell me he may not make it back because the truck is so heavily loaded. I had to look up on the internet for his patron saint for assistance. Did you know that there are three Saint Gerald and all of them date from the first millennium. The prayers must have helped because he made it home safely and in time to get the truck unloaded and greet the kids when they arrived from Wisconsin.

We've decided that because there is only one person decorating wreaths, me, we're only decorating 12” wreaths. I will decorate other sizes of wreaths by request.

All good things come to an end and we are thinking ahead to the end of the season. Jay has declared an end of the season markdown on jams and honey. The jams we sampled over Thanksgiving were wonderful. We especially liked the fig jam, not too sweet and Jay says it tastes just like the inside of a fig.

That's all for now. Gregg will be here this weekend to help carry trees. If you come during the week, please be patient because Jay is the only one who can do that job.

See you soon.

Phyllis Sprout

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