Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend is here and Jay has decided to match up the timing of our weekly sales with our radio advertising so from now on our sales will run Thursday through Wednesday.

On sale this week: Our beautiful 10” hanging baskets, single and mixed varieties, are $15,99. and the Cape Cod Hangers are $39.00 for the older designs and $41.00 for the two newest designs, the golfers and the pineapple design. This price is unbeatable anywhere, even from the Shore Drive Design website. Shore Drive Designs has designated Sprout Farm as one of its five retail distributors. Their internet business has increased to the point that servicing retail stores has been downsized.

The zucchini plants will be a day later than the summer squash plants. Both varieties were seeded up at the same time but the trays were on the ground in the greenhouse and some rodent, probably a chipmunk although we haven't seen one of them in the yard for years, got into the trays and decided they liked the zucchini seeds better than the summer squash seeds, Who knew rodents were gourmets? Seed eating creatures are not known to pick up after themselves so when we saw the shattered seeds on top of the soil instead of covered by the soil we knew to reseed the trays and went back to placing seed trays on the table in the seeding house. All is back on track for our warn weather veggie plants.

Last year's kittens are full size cats now and they don't visit the stand too often. I'm hoping their hunting skills will improve but we always ask them to 'eat out'. Chino will beg for treats on occasion but I have to look twice. His size and markings make him look very much like Gorden LightFfoot. So that give us one tuxedo cat with tail and one tux cat in a cutaway.

The new SOIL SHED is keeping the bags of soil nice and dry and light weight. It also gives us room to fill pots away from the retail greenhouses so we're tracking less soils around. I wonder if we would have done that project if a pine tree hadn't crashed into the old soil shed last year?

We will be bringing on some new help this spring and we ask for your patience. Many of our customers know far more than we do about gardening and most of what we learn comes from lots of trial and error. We will try to do our best as always in answering your questions and when in doubt we defer to the extension service.

The most asked question this week has been- Is it too early to put my plants in the ground? It looks like Saturday will be a washout but the temperatures going forward show no frost which is the killer.

Wind speeds for the next week look to be under 15 mph. So it looks good to start outdoor planting.

We may have some sweet potato slips for sale in the near future. The order that arrived much earlier than expected survived much better than expected. So now Jay's going to plant the second order of slips but will probably have a few left over for those of you who want to try to grow sweet potatoes. He chose a variety that has less vining so it won't spread as far out as traditional sweet potatoes.

Happy Mothers Day everyone and we'll see you soon.

Phyllis Sprout

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