Memorial Day sale for geraniums

Sprout Farm New letter May 24 2018

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Please take a few moments this weekend to honor our troops. Our favorite local event is: at the Kmart Plaza in Hyannis

This week is all about geraniums. Any item with "geranium" is on sale; from our 4" seed geraniums at 2/$3.00, our 6"zonals and scented geraniums 2/$6.00, geranium hanging baskets $13.99, and our geranium planter combo also at $13.99. Geraniums like hot dry weather. Let's hope we see some of that heat soon!

Here are some tips for the week. Save your tags. Most of us are connected to our cell phones/cameras.

After you plant your garden or containers, collect the plant tags and take a picture a picture of them. This will give you a record of your plants and you can use it as a base of a garden journal. Although a journal sounds like a lot of work the accurate names of plants make it easy for us to help you find what you want next year.

Jay did not plant any heirloom tomatoes this year. Sorry. I may be able to persuade him to plant them next year on request but they are an item that is difficult to predict for popularity and our growing area is very limited.

We do not have eggs for sale yet.

As of May you do not need to sign your credit card slips.

Jay ordered an assortment of succulents and they are ready for your garden. A few of them are rated for Zone 3 (we are zone 6) and all are reasonably prices a $3.99 for a 4” pot.

Plant care The biggest mistake home owners make with plants is the failure to fertilize, especially plants in pots or containers. It doesn't take much but it is especially important during cool damp weather when fertilizer uptake is reduced. We have the Neptune Harvest fertilizers at a very competitive price but the Osmacote type granular fertilizers are great if fertilizing plants is not part of your regular routine. Sorry but we do not carry Osmocote but we do have large bags of granular fertilizer. Ask for it at the desk.

If you are using oils to control insects on plants, remember that those oils need good drying time but oils like neem oil should only be applied when temperatures are below 85 degrees.

Here's a link to a fantastic article on growing peppers.

I read up on the tip to add match heads to the soil under the pepper plants but that doesn't seem to make much difference in the real world of pepper growing. It does make a difference to add a tsp of Epsom salts to the hole and cover it with an inch of soil before you plant your pepper or tomato plants. You can plant these plants one inch below the original soil level and the stem will grow roots for a better root ball. Protect your tender plants from cut worms. Those little devils can do a lot of damage over night.

The plant expert at Griffin Greenhouse adds that you can use a tsp of Epsom salts to a gallon of water to green up plants like petunias. To maintain those green leaves just add a pinch of Epsom salts to a gallon of water. The plants love the magnesium especially tomatoes and peppers.

That's all for now and we'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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