Corn at last!

Sprout Farm News Letter July 11, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Summer is finally here because I went to Sauchuk Farm today for the first butter and sugar corn of the year. It is small but it is sweet, just like you like it. Don't worry. It will get bigger as the season goes on. You can pretty much count on me delivering the corn by 10:30. Plympton is the closest farm I travel to. Bridgewater will come later in the season and Hanson Farm has it's own time table and 10:30 allows for a fudge factor.

The plant clearance sale is wrapping up. We're getting tired of all that hand watering and that's to your benefit. Remember last month when we were out of tomato plants? Well we're not out now. Tomato and pepper plants are 75¢/ 4”pot. The secret to planting tomato plants at this time of year is to pick the plant that has flopped over and the top of the plant is growing upright. When you put the plant in the ground, dig a fairly deep hole for the pot and dig a shallow trench to bury most of the tomato stem. The plant has to grow 24” before it sends out a flower truss. The buried stem will grow roots and give the plant more energy. Getting the tomato plant to grow is fairly easy; keeping the tomatoes off the ground and looking perfect is the gardeners never ending challenge.

Jay is harvesting new potatoes and they are the best. The potatoes are in baskets tucked into a stand next to the cooler. We need to keep them in the dark but we don't want you to miss them.

We've been told by Scott over at Sauchuk Farm that he won't have any blueberries this year. His pick your own customers are not leaving anything behind. I love picking blueberries but I wouldn't want to do it for a living. Winter moth caterpillars love blueberry blossoms so I'm not worried about spending any time picking our own blueberries.

Jay is picking lots of cukes and I think the plants look really good, less disease. Jay used his new sprayer and sprayed the plants with Surround, clay. The cucumber beatles don't seem to be as attracted to the plants as they have been in years past. Fewer beetles means less disease, YEA!

The herbs have started to gain some size and we find it better to pick them to order. The parsley has attracted some beautiful green striped caterpillars that I believe will turn into black swallow tailed butterflies. I wish they would find another home but who can argue with a caterpillar.

I've updated the website to reflect the produce items we have on hand at the farm. The produce drop down menu will bring you to the 'store'. This isn't an online store so don't put anything in you 'cart'. We don't ship anything anywhere.

The greenhouses have been filled for the last time. The mums are laid out in neat rows and they're getting a lot of fertilizer to encourage lots of buds. Our new flat perennial space is planted with a new kind of mum that promises to be more hardy and a true perennial. Time will tell if this is true.

I'm using the garden space on top of the wall to try out new plants in my 'survivors garden' If it survives my neglect, it's a keeper. So far I'm liking the 4 dreamland zinnias plants. Karen is trying out some these plants and we're going to work on Jay to include them in the annual flower series next year.

A couple of random tips from last year may help some of you bring peace and quiet into your home.

Any land line can be rid of those annoying robo calls by going to I had our son fix it up and now if a robo call comes through, the phone rings once and that's it. No more ringing. Public safety robo calls come through without a problem. If you have comcast for your land line phone, you can block up to 25 numbers. When an unwanted call comes in, hang up and dial *60. Follow the prompts and hit the # 2 to block the phone number of the last call received.

Cape Cod All Natural has come and restocked their sunscreen and insect repellent products.

Ladies, if you like Sephora lotion, you will love the identical formula used in the Cape Cod All Natural products.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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