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Good morning Everyone,

We still have a few plants left from this spring but they're not too happy in their pots. Our fall mums and ornamental kale are looking good. The kale is new for us this year and we'll be moving it out of the seeding house and spreading the plants out on the mat between the solar ground mounts.

Farmers have a particular way of doing things and a standard that they teach. Our friends at Sauchuk Farm in Plympton consider the young ears of corn superior to the more mature ears. They will look at the standing ears and if they decide that the corn is too ripe for their standards, they will stop harvesting it. This was news to me this week. They sent us a picture of a 'ripe' ear and we compared that to their standard 'young' ear and we started to order a mix, mostly our 'ripe' and a little of their 'ripe'. Don't even get started about white corn yet. This helps out the farmer because he can harvest more of his matured early corn that was started under plastic. We expect to start getting our corn from Hanson's Farm in Bridgewaater with in the week.

The Big Apple called us yesterday and told us they had fresh apricots and J-mac apples. The apples are the first of the season and very tart. We are selling the fresh apricots the same way we sold peaches last year, in a netted box. There's no question that the folks up at the Big Apple know exactly when to harvest their fruit. They let the fruit ripen on the tree and you will taste the difference. The peaches gain most of their juice the last thirty-six hours before they're picked. Many large out of state growers harvest stone fruits according to the sugar content of the fruit and pick them before that last 36 hour window. They know that the fruit will arrive at the supermarket with less damage than if it had been picked and shipped fully ripe. Then there is that irrisistable urge to squeeeeze the fruit. We use the same low-tech, netted bagging system that The Big Apple uses and that means that you are able to purchase unsqueeeezed ripe fruit. We have paper towels ready for your use in a dispenser next to the greenhouse door.

I want to give a tip of the hat to the great folks at: Northeast Restaurant Supply at:

Address: 94 Industrial Dr, Mashpee, MA 02649 508-477-3433. You don't have to own a restaurant to shop there but if you are in the market for anything cooking related and you need solid equipment that will last for a long time; this is the place to shop. It's tucked away in the Mashpee Industrial park area right off of rte 28. I was there this week to pick up some food grade totes and they had exactly what I wanted. They also had a simple vegetable peeler that worked better than any I have used in years. I can relax now thinking about the butternut squash season. I like simple, sturdy things. Williams and Sonoma is elegant but when I need a stainless steel tables or sinks, Northeast has the equipment I need and their used equipment section has a good selection at great prices.

This morning's rain was welcome and the garden will surely grow quickly. The drip irrigation delivers water directly to the plant root zone but the areas of the garden that have soil like sand still don't hold enough water, so the rain is welcome. I know that in four days every square inch of bare earth will be sprouting a new crop of galinsoga weed. It first appeared on our garden decades ago with a load of compost and it has now spread to cover the whole garden. The battle to control this weed stretches from April till first frost. These weeds live on long after I'm gone.


Enjoy the flavors of summer and stop by the farm stand soon.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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