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Sprout Farm News Letter Sept. 13, 2018 Hello Everyone, Fall means less daylight and now it seems to take twice as long for our veggies to grow big. We have 12 hours and thirty-nine minutes of daylight which is the same amount of daylight we had on March 28th. We keep planting our cool weather crops and we don't worry about them bolting. We just wish they'd grow faster. Fortunately some of our off Cape farm friends have planted plenty of fall crops. We have bins of butternut squash and a steady supply of acorn and spaghetti squash. We still have peaches for a little while and six varieties of apples from the Big Apple. We have corn from Sauchuk Farm and Hanson's Farm. It's time to use up all those frozen cranberries because the new crop will be ready in about ten to twelve days. We're pulling the mums out of the greenhouse as they color up and we're bringing the ornamental kale out from between the solar panels. The kale hasn't colored up yet so there's no rush to bring it out. In June we planted foxglove from seed, as we have done in past years, and the plants grew fast and flowered that same summer. I read up on foxglove and most sites say that if you plant it in the spring or summer, the plants can't flower the same year. Now what, ours do. It's just another adventure into strange plants. We moved the foxglove and hibiscus closer to the wooden wall and put them on drip irrigation. The pots are in wooden crates to keep the plants upright during high winds. The basil plants finally succumbed to the mildew so that's one herb less to pick. The rosemary is doing fine and I finally found a good use for garlic chives, the flowers go great in cut flower bouquets. As soon as you put the stems in water all you can smell is a lovely sweet fragrance. Four plants have given me hundreds of flowers. Here is some advice for you potato growers from UMASS. Vine killing stops tuber growth at the desired size after bulking, stabilizes the tuber solids, controls hollow heart disorder, promotes skin set, and allows for easier digging and harvesting. Allow 2-3 weeks for tuber skins to mature in the field after vine kill. Store tubers in the dark and maintain temps of 50-60 degrees and humidity levels of 85-95% to help curing. Our deer doe is back trimming the sweet potato plants and nibbling on the tender tips of the tomato plants. I don't know how she gets in except by walking straight between the greenhouses. I think we need a younger watch dog. Poor Jessy, she's beginning to feel her age. After she's been laying down for a while her hip tightens up. This kitten update isn't very up to date but it is as follows: From Patti: August 31, "There are twin tuxedo kitty's with white noses, believe sisters. A long hair fuzzy black and a short hair all black one may be male.. Also from a different litter, a tiger with white belly and face male and he has an all tiger sister who is really small. I would like them to go together, and if not I will keep them. They both have extra toes The four pack was born on July 16, and the tigers were born July 11th."I left Patti a message to please get back to me with information about kitten availability. We have posted information from the Mashpee Garden Club about their fall events. The Mashpee Garden Club meets at the Mashpee Public Library on the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 PM. their next meeting is Oct. 3rd and the guest speaker will be Tom Strangfeld from PBS talking about 'Fantastic Front Yards' Well, that's all for now. It's that time of year to spread the jam thick on the toast and enjoy your morning coffee. We hope you'll stop by soon and visit us. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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