Pumpkins mean fall is here

Sprout Farm News Letter Sept. 27, 2018 www.sproutfarm.net Good Morning Everyone, When ever this damp spell ends we will be able to get back into the garden and continue the fall chores. We are not selling flower bulbs this year because there are simply too many local stores that do a great job selling bulbs at a reasonable price. Now that the annuals are ready to pull this is a great time to plant bulbs but if you are like me, you dread the thought of digging huge hole to plant bulbs. That's too much like work. So plant smarter by using a bulb auger. If the soil in your flower bed isn't all clay or rock had to begin with, you can pick up an auger at Tractor Supply Co. in Wareham or maybe Home Depot, attach it to your3/8" portable drill and quickly plant your spring bulbs one at a time.

Tools for Life 9 in. Roto Driller Garden Auger or the Yard Butler 24 in Roto Planter. The prices range fro $7.95 to $21.00. I used one this year but the soil in the area was soggy clay and I should have tightened up the auger more for better results. The auger is the perfect size for planting bulbs, not for making planting holes for 4" started plants. This makes planting bulbs child's play. So let the kids get their hands dirty and learn patience.

Summer has officially ended and so has the peach season. It was delicious while it lasted. The late season summer squash and cukes are not happy with the cool temps and shorter days but we will occasionally have a few offerings at the stand. Now we're bringing in the winter squash by the bin. The acorn squash from the Farmers Garden in Rehobeth looks especially good. We met Steve Noons last year and he farms over 100 acres in the Swansea, Rehobeth area. I want to put in a plug for his Harvest Market farm stand, restaurant, bakery http://www.harvestmarketma.com/site/ It's on rte 6 about a mile off of Rte 195 heading towards RI. As Steve says, everything in the place is fresh and cooked to order. They don't even have a microwave in the place. The next time Jay and I are in the area I think I can persuade him to make a short detour just for the fish & chips or whole belly fried clam plate.

We do appreciate your business for fall pumpkins. We don't bring them in by the trailer load like the pumpkin patch on rte 151 but we do support local farmers. Jay is picking up cranberries from the Berry Guys in Carver as I type.

Jessy is feeling better. Fortunately the medication come in a delicious chewy tablet. We still don't throw the ball around and we try to keep her movements sedate. Catachino is getting fatter and Fluffy is getting skinnier. As soon as the rain stops we're going to apply deer repellent to the perimeter of the garden to see if that discourages the doe from occasional dinning on our plants. If you walk around the greenhouse areas and it smells like garlic pizza, that's the organic deer repellent.

I'll be at the first annual Barnstable County Independence Day Celebration at the at the Olde Colonial Courthouse, 3046 Main St., at 4:00 PM today. Some of the ladies from Liberty Chalkboard will be there in colonial costume to dress up the event. It should be fun. Who knew that Barnstable County declared its independence nearly two years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence? https://www.barnstablecounty.org/2018/08/31/for-immediate-release-barnstable-county-commissioners-announce-barnstable-county-independence-day/ I made my own costume because my mother always said that, "Every woman should always have a beautiful costume." I agree and thank her for teaching me to sew.

That's all for now and I hope we see you at the stand real soon.

jay and Phyllis Sprout

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