Sprout Farm Newsletter May 16th 2019

Tip of the month: The Isaiah Thomas bookstore is offering 20% off all garden books, used and new all through May.

The winter moths are starting to chomp through their favorite vegetation. The county spray program has reduced their numbers a lot but if you see those fine threads dangling from trees and bushes, you know they haven’t left your yard. The active ingredient, spinosad, found in Captain Jack insecticides and Conserve in commercial products will kill the worms. Please do not spray these products when bees are present. Winter moth worms like to penetrate blueberry buds. Now is the time to spray blueberry plants as long as the buds have not opened. Just think, spinodad was discovered by a chemist from Dow Chemical Company while visiting a rum distillery on the island of Barbados. I’ll drink to that.

This week’s specials at Sprout Farm at:

Choose from 4” seed geranium, 5 colors to select from for only $1.45 each our 6” zonal geraniums, again 5 colors to select from for only $2.99 each. This sale runs through Wednesday May 22nd. Seed geraniums, which are started from seeds, have slightly smaller flower heads than zonal geraniums that are started from cuttings. Geraniums love hot dry weather and are the workhorse in the August garden.

Our perennials in bloom are:

Creeping phlox, white bleeding heart. Heart leaf Brunnera, snow in summer, heucherella- foamy bells, Amsonia hubrichtii Arkansas Blue Flower (the flowers look white, Chinese globe flower. Geum – totally tangerine,

It is time to review your fertilization program. If you have used organic fertilizers or Osmocote type products you can relax a little because they are slow to release and our recent wet weather will not have washed them out of your beds. Please try to replace the synthetic fertilizer that has washed out of the soil in recent weeks.

This will seem strange but be sure to water well any new plants that you put into soil. Dry roots around the edge of a pot will be root pruned if they contact air pockets in the soil so be sure to water your transplants well to help them get established quickly.

Barnstable County has a wonderful extension service where you can get answers to many of your questions.

Master gardeners are on staff Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9am to 3 pm. You can get your soil tested for ph at the Extension service on the first floor of the Deeds & Probate Building on Rte. 6A in Barnstable MA Monday through Friday from 8-4:30 pm.

Master Gardener Annual Plant Sale is Saturday May 18th from 9:00 to 1:00 at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, Route 151, Falmouth. Rain or Shine! The folks at the Barnstable Extension service have been a big help to us and we appreciate their help and advice.

So come on down to Sprout Farm from 9-5 seven days a weeks and see what we have growing.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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