After Memorial Day

Sprout Farm Newsletter May 30, 2019

Good morning everyone,

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Thank you all who spent part of the weekend with us. It was busy and we’re trying to figure out how to squeeze in one or two more parking spaces into our parking area. I predict some judicious tree felling and stump grinding. Eversource will be removing trees along Quinaquisset Ave. sometime in the near future. I remember thanking them for doing that in 1991 and in August we had hurricane Bob but we had fewer fallen trees fouling up the power lines so I say if they want to remove trees then cut them down.

Special this week: all perennials from 4.5” pots to 3 gal. pots are now on sale 20% off.

The 4 ½” pots are perennials grown from seed this year and include gaillardia, otherwise known as blanket flower, English lavender, columbine, lupines, Shasta daisy, salvia. Our larger pots have dozens of varieties to choose from including Hollyhocks, daylilies, Astilbe, sedums, and many more.

We are bringing on new help because Maggie is leaving the area. We are sorry to lose her but we all hope that Maine will be everything she hopes it will be. Dirk is joining our crew along with Mike. Dirk is good with numbers so the register will not faze him like it does me. You’ve seen us write up slips and when you hand them to the cashier you wonder, “What does that thing say?” We came up with a way to track inventory without the expensive POS scanning system that requires a URL label on every item. Every item we sell fits into a department that has its own ‘Key’ on the register. This requires the people writing the slips to know the plants, memorize the departments and the item costs. This also means that the cashier may not have the answer to your gardening questions yet but by the end of the season will know a whole lot more.

Plant your gardens according to your size. See how far you can comfortably reach then build your raised beds to match your reach. How high can you reach? Keep trellis heights within your reach or aggressive plants will need a ladder during harvest time. Decide what chores you absolutely hate and plant accordingly. We hate thinning and weeding carrots so we don’t grow them outdoors but we’re trying to grow them in a sterile bed in the tomato house. We may not get any good carrots but I’m not wasting one minute weeding or thinning them so I don’t care. Jay planted all the onions through plastic and I think he saved me a week’s worth of weeding time. Yea! Jay has tilled last year’s leaves into the field for the last time and has finally laid out the plastic, the drip lines and planted our first tomatoes, peppers and eggplants outdoors. We should be harvesting the lettuce within a week to ten days. The tomatoes are still green in the tomato house but we removed a lot of trees on the east side of the garden so we hope the increase in sunshine will help ripen them.

We have impatiens this year in limited colors. The Imara XDR type from Syngenta has been developed impatiens plants to be resistant to downy mildew but they are limited in colors, specifically no pink Imara impatiens. That helps with bedding plants in the shade and for the sunny areas we have profusion zinnias and flowering vinca. Both are beautiful mounding plants that require no deadheading and come in 6 packs. For a more dramatic look we have dreamland zinnias in 4’ pots. The plants grow 10’ – 12’ and the blooms are 4” across. We grew three of the leftover plants last year and we just kept saying ‘Wow’. Some of our cutting flowers like Benarys zinnias and tall ageratum are ready to go.

So come on by see what we have. Ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for and you’ll hear us shout, “Jay where did you put…?” It’s an adventure.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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