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Sprout Farm Newsletter June 27, 2019

Good Morning everyone,

The gardens are looking lush due to all the timely rain showers and the heads of lettuce are tender but outrageously large. People at the food pantry tell us that when given a choice of packaged greens from B.J.’s or fresh picked lettuce from Sprout Farm, the clients chose Sprout Farm lettuce.

On to the good news our regulars have been waiting for. Today marks the beginning of the annual ‘plant clearance sale’. Yea! The radio ad will be simple, up to 50% off selected items. This sale does not include perennials. Here is a small breakdown of the sale.

Six pack annuals $2.00, Seed geraniums $1.00, 4” pot Dahlia XXL $2.50, Sunpatiens $2.99, vinca vine Wojo $1.65, assorted annuals 99¢, vinca vine maculate $1.15, Proven winners 4.5” pot $3.00, 6 pack veggies $1.50, 4.5” white pot tomato plant $1.15, , 4.5” white pot pepper plant $1.35, , 4.5” white pot cuke or squash plant 65¢, PW Amazal Basil $1.35, herbs $1.35, heliotrope 5” pot $1.70, licorice silver 5” pot $1.70.That is a lot of savings and although the selection is limited compared to where we started out with in May, it is still generous due to our constant seeding.

I’ve been clearing out old gardens wondering what I will plant next or will I get lazy and let it go to grass to be mowed down on a weekly basis. It is time to make a decision about the weeds next to the house and I will hope that James has kept the brush cutter tuned up because now that the poppies and irises have gone by I’m ready to see the back end of the lot of it.

Do you know what happens to zinnias that stay in the greenhouse? They grow very tall. If not pot bound they can still be successfully planted as long as you use a different planting technique. We do this trenching trick with leggy tomato plants too. I trenched a tray of Benarys zinnias last week and they’re doing fine. I dug a long trench about 5” deep in the garden, removed the zinnias from their pots and laid them down in the trench overlapping the stems like roof shingles. I filled in the trench leaving the top 2-3 leaf sections on the stems exposed and turned and clipped the exposed stem to a bamboo stake. The sections of the stem that were buried will grow roots creating a large healthy root ball. Most of these plants were three feet tall in the pot but now they average 10” tall in the garden and are ready to bloom. Once that first bloom is picked the plant will naturally send out side shoots and those side shoots will be at ground level.

If you are container gardening please stick to one pot per container, especially if you are growing tomatoes. Tomato plants are heavy feeders and require lots of root room. So if you are looking forward to a bountiful tomato harvest think of putting a $2.00 plant in a $20 pot and you will have the right ratio. Remember to plan to support your plants especially if they are labeled as growing over three feet tall.

Thompson & Morgan has a fun reference page . This is just what we need; a comprehensive list of chores for lazy summer days. Store away the memories of warm breezes, butterflies and bird song for those cold days in January when the silence of a snowfall is only broken by the scraping of a snow shovel on the driveway.

It is not too late to plant plants and seeds. We will be planting lettuce, broccoli and green beans right through the second week of August. The big Fourth of July weekend is almost here so come on down now for produce and plants.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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