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Sprout farm Newsletter July 5th 2019 www.sproutfarm.net

Good morning everyone,

We’ve turned the corner and the high summer season is upon us now. These high temperatures mean that we spend more time than ever watering our potted annuals and perennials but it’s worth it.

Jay is continuing our plant clearance sale by reducing prices even more. Hanging baskets are now $10.00, 4” green pot annuals now 75¢ (not succulents), 6” geraniums now $2.00 (mostly red), 6 pack annuals $1.75 (The only color of impatiens we have remaining is red and we gave them all a good haircut because they were getting leggy. It won’t take long before they branch out once they’re planted in the garden.) Proven Winner Canna one gallon pot now $4.00, cleome $5.00, 4.5” pot $2.25, select perennials are marked 30% off (they are the ones that have already gone through their yearly bloom cycle) Prom-mix soils 1 cu ft. now $4.50- great for garden and/or containers. You can see the method to Jay’s clearance sales. The more plants he sells, the fewer plants he has to water. Our remaining plant hangers are on sale for $32.00. They make a great gift.

Don’t miss the sugar snap peas. We’re still introducing customers to the rare treat of eating the whole pea pod fresh picked from the garden. Newbies from past years know to shop early before the peas run out for the day. We haven’t heard anything new from Sauchuk farm so I assume the corn is still on schedule for something between July 14th and the 18th. The squash plants are not happy in the garden with all the extra leaf mulch so the early supply may be mixed. The potato plants seem to like the mulch just fine. We’ve seen the first cucumber beetles so it is time to take some control measures. It isn’t that the beetles eat a lot but they do spread disease which young plants are very susceptible to.

Summer temperatures invite a whole new variety of weeds to compete with your plants in the garden. http://www.gardeninginnewengland.com/displayArticle.aspx?id=26 “There are a few ways to deal with weeds. We prefer a very easy method that accomplishes a few goals in one step- adding a thick (2-3 inch) layer of organic mulch around your plants that is at least 50 percent peat moss. The best part - you simply cover the weeds with the mulch and you don't have to do any weeding! If the layer is thick enough, the plants can't make it through, end up rotting beneath the layer and adding even more organic matter to your garden. The second thing it does is protect your plants during the hottest days of the summer, reducing your need to water by trapping any moisture around the base of the plant and its roots. From there, you simply manage the occasional weed that pops through the old-fashioned way, with your hand. Believe it or not, very few will make it up past your mulch barrier and what little weeding you have to do is minor- just stop by the garden each day or two for five minutes and the job is done!” These are good tips for people with small gardens, well a garden of less than an acre is small to me, so garden smarter not harder.

That’s all for now. Stay cool, wear a hat when you go outside and keep gel packs in the freezer for a quick cool down for your feet and neck after a hot day outside.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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