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Sprout Farm newsletter Aug. 1, 2019

Hello Everyone,

The farm stand is in full swing but we are still awaiting the word that peaches are ready but we were warned that a significant number of peach trees were damaged by the heavy rains early this spring. The harvest will be smaller but any and all peaches will be appreciated.

We’re harvesting those onions I talked about earlier this spring and it turns out the plastic mulch makes a big difference in the size and quality of the onions. They are big and beautiful. Onions were a plant that I was never able to keep free of weeds. I would spend 20-40 hours a year weeding them and never won the fight. Now I spend two hours weeding and get more onions than ever before. I feel like someone just gave me a vacation.

The new potatoes are delicious, thin skinned and sweet.

Last week we composted the remaining annual but I just had to try one more project with the reject of the rejects. We have a pallet of bags of soil, some flat unused land and water. Jay direct seeded squash into bags of soil and stuck in a drip irrigation system leftover from last year’s ornamental Kale project. If you put that together with the leggy annuals, will they grow? Yes they will. Leggy plants are lazy so we plant them sideways in a bag of soil. Watering a bag of soil is a lot easier than watering a garden and early on the grow bags can be dragged short distances. I took some fun photos and you can check them out on the website here.

If you happen to collect and recycle 16 oz single use water bottles, I would be happy to put them to use as flower vases. The flowers in the garden are the best I’ve ever grown. Be sure to pick some up and brighten up your day.

This week we’ll have family visiting so expect us to be a little scattered. Wait till you see Sean and Catie. I didn’t know we had tall genes in the family.

That’s all for now.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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