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Sprout Farm Newsletter August 15, 2019

Good Morning Everyone,

The sunrise is later and the sunsets are earlier but the corn is sweeter and the rest of the veggies are fantastic. This week we removed all the tomato plants from the tomato house. We’ll do a thorough cleaning and then move in the new plants that were started in the seeding house. This is the best time to make the switch because the field tomatoes are big and juicy. These new plants probably won’t have ripe fruit until October but by then the field tomatoes will be getting thin. It all works out in the end.

We have lots of green tomatoes. They are perfect for fried green tomatoes or piccalilli. We’re storing them in the cooler so they do not turn red.

We’re starting to get some Asian eggplant and our summer squash and zucchini are finally coming in strong. The squash plants in the one cu. ft. bags are working out very well. Our friend Scott Sauchuk tells me that he was successful using those bags to grow tomatoes three years in a row. I doubt jay would ever go to that extreme but it is an interesting option.

I’m still waiting for word from The Big Apple about peaches and apples. In the mean time we have a limited supply of peaches from an orchard in Bolton MA. That is a 2 ½ hour drive one way from Mashpee so we depend on Hanson Farm in Bridgewater to pick some up for us when they go up for their order. Everyone is asking about the kittens; they are fine and full of mischief. It turns out they like to pluck at the net bags that we use to cover the boxes of peaches. So if you see boxes of peaches on the counter when you walk into the stand, you probably won’t see kittens.

The mums are doing well in the greenhouses. The mums along the edges are about one half the size of the plants in the greenhouses. They don’t get the consistent watering and fertilizer their indoor cousins get. Years ago we were told you can’t grow mums in a greenhouse but we don’t have much flat land so we had to try to grow them in the largest section of flat land we owned, our greenhouses. It took some tweaking with soil depth and fertilizer but we made it work. The only thing we can’t control is the heat in the greenhouses in the summer. Even with the sides rolled up the temperatures goes higher than the temperatures outdoors. The mums need cooler temperatures to color up so we will be just a little later with our mums coming into color than the ones you see at Stop & Shop or other garden centers.

That’s all for now. WE hope to see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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