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Sprout Farm Newsletter August 22, 2019 www.SproutFarm.net

Good Morning Everyone,

We’re now getting peaches from the Big Apple in Wrentham and that means that if you plan on eating the best peaches in Massachusetts on your way home; remember that the paper towel dispenser is on the wall next to the door to the greenhouse. Help yourself to the towels. Jay picked up Jmac apples while he was at The Big Apple earlier this week. Those are the earliest and most tart apples of the season.

The mums have been growing in the greenhouses for exactly two months and we’re putting them out for sale before they crack color. Every pot has a color tag with the variety but the mums have grown so full that the tag may be difficult to see without some searching. We’ll work on that. We’ve keep the price the same as last year - $4.99 for a ten inch mum. The 10” hanging basket mums are $10.99 and the Montauk Daisies are $6.99.

Bambi paid a visit to our garden. She was not frightened by Jessy when the dog chased her out of the front yard. She nibbled on the tops of the row of our new green beans. Bad Bambi. The next evening Jay chased her out of the garden but he saw that she came from the woods, all around the fence and in through the gap between the fence and the tomato greenhouse. Last year we made a moveable fence that filled that gap using PVC pipe and fence but it was getting late so he parked the tractor in the gap and that solved the problem temporarily.

We went to the Griffin Greenhouse Expo at the Worcester DCU center yesterday. We enjoyed seeing all the things the vendors had to offer but most of them were for the big commercial growers and garden centers. I was impressed by the full size sleigh. That was beautiful. We didn’t see too many what I would call ‘young’ farmers until we walked down the aisle that specialized in the products used by cannabis and hemp growers. There was a noticeable lack of gray hair and a beautiful display of body ink in the attendees. NO, we’re not going there but it was fun to visit. There is a lot of uncertainty in the part of the hemp industry that is dedicated to producing CBD oil and we feel bad for those growers who put in the time to get a license from the MDAR and grow a sole crop of hemp plants only to have the guidelines changed. Someone should make up their mind and not leave growers up in the air.

We’re training the kittens to stay away from the peaches so you may see them more often. Catie named the black kitten Nessie. The name rolls off the tongue easily so it may survive the kitten stage. Kittens typically get a cute name around 6-8 weeks old then a more useful name around eight months old. If they go to see the vet under their kitten name then a year later we bring them back after using their adult name, we get confused and have to think back, “Humm, who had that name as a kitten?” It doesn’t matter as long as they get their shots and get fixed.

The Mashpee Garden Club will have their first our MGC program on September 4, opening with Tom Strangfeld ..of PBS and This Old House...presenting a new program, Landscape and Garden Design : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. They will meet at 1:00 in the Event Room of the Mashpee Library. If anyone wants to share information about the Cotuit or Osterville Garden Clubs, I will be happy to pass along brief event notices.

That’s all for now and Jay and I hope to see you real soon.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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