First Day of Fall

Sprout Farm Newsletter Sept. 19 2019

Hello Everyone,

I installed a new mouse on the computer and typing is a lot easier now but I no longer have any excuses for my poor typing.

Garlic. We don’t grow it because the farmers in Gilroy Calif. do such a beautiful job it doesn’t make sense for us to try to grow it here. September is the perfect time of year for people in zone 6, that’s Cape Cod,b to plant garlic. Here’s a quick video to get you started. Yes, you can use cloves from the supermarket but it is not the best variety for our area. You need hard neck garlic not soft neck.

We till our whole garden in the fall and plant it with a cover crop but garlic may be the one fall plant you may want to try in your home garden because of the spring garlic scrapes. I’m always cautious of new plantings where I will have to do a lot of hand weeding and I’ve always assumed that garlic is one of those crops. I may be wrong about that. I was fascinated to learn about garlic scrapes and the many ways they can be used and eaten. You may want to save this post for spring.

Does everyone know about the Facebook page The Mashpee Message? This is the local bulletin board started by Elana Doyle. She enjoyed a similar Facebook page when she lived in Sandwich and after moving to Mashpee she started the Mashpee Message page. If you are from Mashpee, check out the post with the recent debate with the candidates for Board of Selectman, Elana is one of the candidates. The Mashpee Message has become very popular over the last two years. This week, one of our customers added a post about our mums and their great price. We’ve been growing and selling mums at that price for years. All of a sudden we had people stopping by, on a Monday no less, just amazed at the mums. Finally someone brought up the post on her phone and showed it to me along with the 29 responses. So that’s what ‘going viral’ looks like. We usually have mums until October but over the last few years we’ve seen most of them sell before they crack color. I will be surprised if we have any mums by the end of the weekend. The greenhouses are empty and we only sell what we grow. It is unfortunate that there is a cost increase for our mum supplies that will drive up the price next year but I promise that we will still be VERY cost competitive.

We still have peaches and I come home with new apple varieties with every trip I make to the Big Apple.

I hate to tell people about chores but there are still a few things that need to be done in the vegetable garden before winter. Here are six pretty good tips.

Don’t forget to look up from your chores and see the beauty of the fall season.

That’s all for now.

See you soon.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout


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