Abundant august

Sprout Farm Newsletter August 13, 2021 Open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

Abundant August has arrived. The apricot season is over and a day later the peach season begins. Yes we have peaches from the Big Apple farm stand in Wrentham. We also have the first apples of the season; J-Mac's. Pucker up, they are tart. We should have some wax beans later coming this week. Finding the best corn continues to be an interesting game. One farm is out of butter and sugar but they have white corn. The other farm will have a piece come in the next week. The farmer in Wrentham asked me how much rain we had the other day. I told him just less than an inch. He couldn't believe it because he watched the town of Dartmouth get five inches of rain and the radar showed the rain heading right for the Cape. There is something magic about the canal. The rain seems to stop on one side and tip toe across to Sandwich then get tired and disappear. Wrentham had 13" of rain in the month of July. They request we send some sunshine their way.

It is tax free weekend and we are running some specials for Saturday and Sunday only. Gladiola and sunflower stems are 75¢/each and our remaining stock of Coast of Maine soils are tax free and 25% off. Now that's a good deal. I know we have some Lobster compost. Take advantage of tax free weekend and perk up your garden.

I found a deal at Stop & Shop you may not be aware of. If you shop between the hours of 7:00 pm and 10:00pm on Thursday evenings you will get the sale prices for the week just ending and get the sale prices for the week just starting on Friday. There are few shoppers in the store at that time so if you want to avoid crowds, this may be a good option for you. I don't know how to find the sales for the coming week but I suspect they are online.

The kittens are doing well and growing fast. I pulled out an old beanie baby and gave it to them. Bandit figured it out and started dragging it around like a captured prize. The both of them move real slow in this heat but per up at closing time. Jay is training them to follow him from the farm stand to the house. He's a natural at herding cats. Cat-A-Chino is showing up at odd times during the day and meowing, non-stop. I'm at a loss to know what he is thinking but he stops long enough to eat treats so we have established some sort of communication. I can't remember the last time we had a singing cat.

The mums in the greenhouses are growing faster than the mums growing outdoors. This isn't a surprise but it is interesting to see the difference. Jay is growing fall asters this year and he was hand trimming them this afternoon. It's all in the details.

I haven't seen much wildlife around the farm. Even the turkeys are only visiting us on rare occasions. When they get into the garden they have to be chased enough that they fly over the deer fence and not into it. No turkey are harmed in this exercise, just frustrated.

That's all for now. We hope you stop by soon. Say Hi to Grace as she is leaving after this weekend. This is normal and we wish her well. Stay hydrated.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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