Beautiful October

Hello Everyone,

Those last few beautiful September days have blended nicely into October. When I drive to the farm in Bridgewater in the distance I can see the foliage turning bright colors and little by little the corn stalks losing their color. The good news is that we still have local corn. The crops are slower to ripen with these cool nights but when they are harvested they are very sweet. Three weeks ago we couldn't pick the wax beans fasts enough. Now I'm looking at the new beans and wondering if they will be ready to pick by Columbus Day. Everything is so slooow.

We now have ten varieties of apples including Honey Crisp and Macoun. I know several of you have been waiting patiently for those apples to come in.

It seems I do more driving now than back in the summer. We have pumpkins (but not the huge ones) corn stalks, straw bales, decorative gourds, Montauk daisies and perennial asters. I still love chatting up the off Cape mum growers because even a few tips here and there can make a big difference in our mums. That will have to wait for next year.

The garden chores for October are:

1. Cutting dead wood from spent perennials in the garden and mulching beds-

2. Plan your spring bulb garden and get those daffodil and crocus bulbs in the ground!

3. Summer-blooming bulbs and perennials can be lifted and split.

Thank you Gardening in New England

The kittens are growing fast and practicing their hunting skills on any hapless cricket that comes into their line of sight. One fat cricket can give them nearly a half an hour of entertainment. It may be hard to watch if they are playing near the farm stand. Ziggy is tucking herself into some creative hiding place at the end of the day and we have to figure out what call will entice her into the daylight. These kittens have a strict curfew.

The koi pond is clearing up. We added some bales of barley straw and the algae has finally stopped growing. Now I see fish, lots and lots of fish. Fortunately there are no new babies this year. This is exciting because we haven't see the fish clearly for a year and had little hope of ever seeing them. The kittens want no part of of the pond, I think it has something to do with water. We will keep one aerator running all winter to keep the pond from freezing solid but it is fun to watch cats trying to catch the fish they see swimming under the clear ice.

So come on down, we're still open and probably will be until Thanksgiving.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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