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Sprout Farm News Letter May 14, 2021 sproutfarm.net open 9-5 daily Hello Everyone, My ears are burning. Someone has been talking about us. We are going to need a bigger parking lot especially on weekends. Here's a little secret. If you come after 3:00 it is a lot easier to get around without a crowd. If you visit us during the week instead of the weekend you have a better chance of finding a parking spot. I think that in May garden shops in general have reached the status of a pilgrimage site. Jay and I are own this weekend so I'll go through some answers to questions I've heard this week. Sunpatiens. We carry two kinds; vigorous and compact. https://sunpatiens.com/how-to-grow/ In patio containers use the Compact Series if you want a more upright look. Compact is best for smaller spaces and for mingling with other annuals. 18" - 24" The Vigorous Series has an upright, V-shaped form. It is stunning in large spaces and makes a vivid backdrop for other plants. They can grow 18" up to 36" These plants can handle full sun, Cape Cod winds and high humidity without getting disease. We have them on display between greenhouses three and four. Compact on the right and vigorous on the left side of the aisle. Our weekly spring sale that starts SUNDAY is our popular Proven Winner sale. 3 for $12.00 but to get the sale price you must buy in units of three. Odd numbers are regular price at $4.75 for the 4 1/2" pot only. I told Jay we need room in the greenhouse for the new transplants. This ought to clear our some space. Today was a transplanting day. I put up 4400 transplants and still have 2000 to go but they will have to wait for Monday. My cat Fluffy joined me in the greenhouse this evening, begging as usual, but I couldn't stop to give her treats while there was still working light. My three kitties continue to keep the bunny population under control. Unfortunately one of the cats changed its diet and decided birds were also tasty. Catachino, our tux with a tail, has learned to put on a ridiculous begging act out at the farm stand. This cat wouldn't give me the time of day for two years but now we discover he has a weakness for dog biscuits, the kind that smell like beef jerky. I predict it won't be long before our son James trains him to do tricks. Treats are a strong incentive. We are taking advantage of the new opportunity to go about outside without a mask. Wearing a mask outdoors is a personal decision and we won't interfere with your choice. We just want you to know that we welcome smiles (especially the children). My new useful entertainment is watching gardening videos on YouTube on comcast TV. Who needs to watch air disasters when you can learn that you can prune your zucchini plants to make them more productive. When Shelley joins us she is a wealth of information coupled with a passion for garden design. When she isn't here, like this weekend, I just call up Google or YouTube and learn the most amazing things. Today there was a question about Lily leaf beetles. I said spinosad, Jay said 'No.' I wanted to get back to my transplants so I let it go. Here's a simple article about these bright red pests. See which one of us was right. https://blog.longfield-gardens.com/how-to-control-red-lily-leaf-beetles/ Stop by and see what we have to offer. We don't have shrubs, hostas, roses, hydrangeas and the zinnias won't be ready to go out until Monday. We're not planting peppers outside until the nighttime temps are a lot warmer. Although I do like an overnight shower to cut down on our watering chores. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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