Fall colors coming soon

Sprout Farm News Letter Oct. 15, 2021 Open 9-5 daily Sproutfarm.net Hello Everyone, Sorry about the news blackout last week. We're slowly winding down the season and trying to catch up on to do list that went undone. Jay's big project is the new greenhouse that he is putting up in back of the tomato house. I am very happy because that is the worst section of the garden to hand weed due to the unusually high number of stones just big enough to come up against the push pull hoe . The parts were sent on a long pallet and when you don't have an experienced crew to help raise the ribs, you improvise. Here is Jay using the pallet stuck on the forks of the tractor to raise the ribs into place. James is helping to set them into place and lock them down. All the ribs are up now and the long purlins are in place. Sorry the picture is so big. I'm not that good with photos which is why I seldom include them in the newsletter. This greenhouse will be dedicated to growing tomatoes. Yum. I'm driving off Cape and bringing back corn, apples, cider, squash, ornamental gourds, pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales. The corn will end when you hear of a hard frost in Bridgewater. We still have lots of lettuce and kale in the garden and the turnip is almost ready to pick. We have the odd vegetable here and there that are the last of their kind in the garden but not worth mentioning. The kittens are half grown cats and still cute and getting into mischief. They figured out the cat door a couple of days ago so now we really have to keep them in at night. That's all for now. time to put the kittens to bed. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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