Hot Summer, cool kittens

Sprout Farm News Letter     June 27, 2020       open 9-5 daily (except the 4th of July)

Good Morning Everyone,

The first day of summer was a harbinger of the beautiful weather we've been enjoying this week.  Our plants are loving it.  I've been out in the garden weeding and I looked over a couple of rows at the Swiss Chard and I went WOW!  The giant white ribbed Swiss Chard is two feet tall and beautiful.  Jay says we haven't grown that variety in a couple of years but we used to when we only grew white ribbed chard.  The dragon flies are zipping around and it looks like an aerial ballet.  The pathways between the rows are like dust but as I heard a lady in a video explain, "If we're not going to eat it, we're not going to water it."  I agree. So, until animal breeders come up with some edible creature that eats my typical weeds, I will keep weeding the pathways and watering the rows.

Now for the sales.

This week we continue our sales from last week but with deeper discounts.

6 pack annuals are now $2.00, Proven Winners are now $3.00, four inch pots are 99¢ and the perennials for all practical purposes are sold out.  Jay and I thank you.

The hanging baskets are on a split sale.  We have lots of beautiful hanging begonias (they take just about any kind of light)- now $14.00 and all other baskets, even the combination baskets, are $15.00.

When you stop by be sure to look at the accidental garden on top of the wooden retaining wall by our driveway.  I have never grown such a beautiful delphinium.  I don't know how long the flowers last but that pop of blue on those tall spikes is amazing.

I call it the accidental garden because at the end of the growing season I dump many of the unsold perennials into a blank spot in that garden.  If it survives the winter it is an accident and I keep it.  If it doesn't, the black eyed susans will probably fill up the space until fall and I'll try again with some other perennials.  Right now the garden chores are mainly to water, weed and harvest.  Not a bad way to spend the day and because I'm usually out there by myself, I don't have to wear a mask.

Now for the most important news.  The kitten report.  The five kittens are doing fine, thanks to their diligent mother.  She doesn't know it yet but last night was her last night in our bedroom.  She has figured out that when she gets hungry at 4:00 am all she has to do is jump on Jay's chest and meow.  Jay gets up and feeds her and she is happy until the usual breakfast time for cats at 5:00 when she has her second breakfast.  I think she's part hobbit.  Jay need his sleep so the family will be relocated to the guest room upstairs where James can cater to her highness's needs.  She will like that because James gets up for work at 1:00 am and her meals will be spaced around the clock.  The kittens are starting to open their eyes and they are creeping along on shaky legs.  They still sleep in a ball of brothers and sisters but it's too soon to tell who's what.  Karen's had a peek and she'll tell you ,"They've gotten so big." but big is relative when they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  It looks like we'll still have to wait a few weeks before they join us at the stand.  The other cats haven't had a chance to check them out but that usually isn't a problem.  Twix, the coon cat has found a neighbor who likes to feed him.  He finishes breakfast with us then saunters over to our neighbor where he looks up with that cute face and they feed him his second breakfast, all before 6:00 am.  He is going to be one big cat.  Despite his size Twix is the hunter. Yesterday he caught a baby turkey.  He brought his prize into the basement but I disposed of it.  I was more surprised that the remaining chicks, my brother call them gobblets, flew to safety of our roof.  I never think of chicks flying in terms of altitude.  I haven't seen the flock drinking at the fish pond but as the puddles have continued to dry up the pond may become more attractive.  We plugged in the light up that is supposed to help control the algae in the pond so we'll have to wait and see if it helps keep away that green look.

The 4th of July is next Saturday and we will be closed for the day.  Celebrate America, 400 years since the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth.  Over all a pretty nice place to call home.

Come on down for a visit and we'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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