It's crunch time.

Sprout Farm News Letter May 7 2021

Hello Everyone,

It is crunch time. Everyone wants to plant their garden NOW! Oh boy. Most of the kids who have been working for us are returning to school full time. Two of the girls will rejoin us when school is out for summer vacation. Rumor is that all the students in the horticultural shop at the Tech in Harwich have a summer job already. The wait time at the register may be a little longer but we will get to you as soon as we can. Shelley from Shelley's Garden Design will be helping out this weekend answering your garden question. She's our special friends and as such is exempt from carrying anything heavy.

To help you get your garden set up, Jay is doing one of his favorite sales starting Sunday May 9th. Free soil. For every thirty dollar spent on plants, pre-tax, you get one free bag of Pro-mix 1cf. soil. If I'm at the register please remind me of the soil. Herb and veg organic, garden soil & potting soil. I know from the past that the black bag with the pink flower is the potting soil. I'm sure I'll never forget the other two by the end of the week.

We're trying our best to get plants out of the greenhouses and onto the benches. We have almost everything on display but you are welcome to checkout the greenhouses. Please don't try to bring in the carts. We need the room in the middle to carry plants around. We have a limited supply of New Guinea impatiens and we are out of white N. G's. The regular impatiens are still a little small to go out. I wish we could everything ready all at the same time but we do our best to keep the warm spaces filled with growing things. It's like a dance. Something is plugged or seeded in the seeding house and it gets transferred to one of the greenhouses as soon as we move something out of the greenhouses onto the benches.

One of our customers told Jay that working on a tip from Better Homes and Gardens, she kept the bunnies away from her garden with Irish Spring bar soap. She put some soap in a cheese grater and went around the garden cranking the soap curls around her garden. She had to reapply it if it rained. I wonder what they would do around acid loving plants? We had another rabbit dispatched by our cats and so far the lettuce plantings look beautiful. Bunnies don't like to dine out far from their home so try to find out where they're renting space in your yard. I tease the cats that they're all beggars when it comes to cat treats but if they keep the bunnies and rodents away I can't help but giving treats all around.

We have noticed that that a large osprey has decided to use the top of a dead pine tree as a dining spot. This evening I was weeding the rabbit free lettuce when I notice this large bird perched on the top of the tree eating something. This bird likes to eat fish. Was it eating one of my koi? Could it even see the koi? I know I couldn't. I went to the house, dusted off an old pair of binoculars and tried to see if I could see what he was eating. No luck. I remembered why I didn't like binoculars; you have to hold them absolutely still to see anything far away. I went to the tomato house where Jay was working and asked him to take a look. The bird flew away with his brown fish. Herring. That's a relief. I didn't want to take on a new project of protecting my fish from predatory birds.

That's all for now. We have to turn in early now and remember to take our vitamins.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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