It's July

Sprout Farm Newsletter July 16, 2021 Open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

Rain, fog, steamy heat, all we need is thunderstorms bringing hail to round out this exciting summer weather. Don't wish for it. Hail can be one of the most destructive events for any garden or farm. One of the messages on the electronic highway signs reminded people to prepare for hurricane season. It doesn't hurt to set aside some extra batteries.

We have corn from Sauchuk Farm in Plympton and it has been wonderful. Jay has to guess ow much we will need a day ahead of time. Most of the time he gets it right but every now and then we run out before 5:00, sorry but we just have to wait for the next day. Sauchuk Farm occasionally provides us with blueberries and grape tomatoes but we never know what we will get. We are running out of our greenhouse tomatoes. The plants are up to the top of the wire and that's pretty tall. There's just no place for them to go when they get that high. We're waiting for the field tomatoes to ripen and that will probably take a few weeks. At least we hope it won't take longer than that. We have planted lettuce but lettuce is famous for not liking hot weather. Red leaf lettuce complains the most about the heat. The Eastham turnip plants were ready for harvesting their seeds this week. We'll let them dry out for awhile then whack the seeds free from the seed pods. This is a fast turn around as the seeds need to be planted in cell trays by the end of July. This is our first attempt at seed saving. I hope they turn out well. We still have seeds from last year so there is a backup plan.

We have two new kittens from our friend Patty. The kittens are so cute and at seven weeks old they can hide behind the washer and dryer and keep tubby Twix at a distance. I don't know if the cats are slowing down with the heat but Jay sometimes sees a rabbit in the garden but we haven't found a trophy from the the cats in the house this week. I was weeding in the cool of the evening when I heard a loud screech. I peeked out from under the flower tent and saw a large hawk perched on the top limb of a dead pine tree. As soon as he saw me he went silent. Maybe he is having better luck hunting. The koi pond is so green I don't think my fish are on his menu.

That's all for now. See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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