Last letter of the year

Sprout Farm News Letter Nov. 21,2020 open 9-5 daily until Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

This is the last letter of the year. What a year it has been. People keep asking if we had a good year. I tell them that we did have a good year as did everyone else in the farm stand business. As I said last spring, we won the essentials lottery, but I am more than upset that whole sections of our delicate economy were shut down with no recourse.

We are open until 5:00 Weds. evening and then we prepare for a small family Thanksgiving celebration.

The latest frost has ended our lettuce crop but we still have greenhouse tomatoes, kale, apples, beets, sweetened cranberries and squash. We have a few things of this and that but not enough to advertise.

We have gift certificates for your family and friends so don't wait because we do close on Thanksgiving.

There are many November garden chores that can still be done, especially since the ground is not frozen. Here's a quick tip to get to turn those leaves into mulch quickly:


START A LEAVES-ONLY PILE alongside your other heap as a future source of soil-improving leaf mold, or when partly rotted for use as mulch. To save space and speed decomposition, run it over with the mower to pre-shred.

James actually did this sand it reduced the leaf pile into a tiny mulch pile in no time. Over the years we have transformed our forest into a farm so we only have a small lawn left and one maple tree so the job does go quickly. You can find more chores at: You know you're a grown up when you go looking for chores. That's because you know that a small chore now reduces a big job later. Kids don't see that.

We have a limited supply and selection of jam left and Jay has reduced their price to $4.49 a jar. We will also discount our honey and syrup with the exception of the creamed honey.

Jay and I want to thank you for your support this year and for all you have done for us over the years. This little business started with us selling our boxes of strawberries at the end of our driveway and an old cigar box for people to leave their money. We were considered young farmers back then. Now I wouldn't call us old farmers, exactly, but maybe experienced would be a better description. The driveway is lined with pallets of soil and Jay is setting out pots, trays and hanging baskets in the greenhouses in preparation for next spring's season. He does all of this with quiet efficiency but the plan is all in his head.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season: a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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