March winds in May

Sprout Farm Newsletter May 7th 2022

Hello Everyone,

This week's specials: Perennials, Proven Winner brand and all other brands-20%OFF. Regular prices starting at $7.99 to $18.99

There is a saying about New England weather, "If you don't like it just wait five minutes." I waited all day but the wind blew harder and the temperature felt like November not the day before Mother's Day. I hear it will get seasonal around Tuesday so I will contrive to find jobs in the greenhouses. Our plants are out in the weather and they are probably not happy but we need the space in the greenhouse for the plugs that just arrived. While it is understandable to worry about cool temperatures I feel I need to caution people about what happens to tomato plants when they suddenly get exposed to bright sunshine and hot temperatures; they get a sunburn or sun scald and the leaves look terrible. So peppers, tomatoes and especially eggplant need warm soil to thrive and lots of foliage. You may be able to warm the soil by covering your growing area with black plastic. If the soil temperature gets high enough for a certain period of time you may stop weed growth before it starts. Just remember to gradually increase the time the tomatoes spend in bright hot sunlight.

We are growing sweet peppers and we hope to get in hot peppers soon but there is still time to learn how to grow peppers. Even if you have been growing peppers for years there is always something to learn. I stumbled on this site today: and this is a guy who specializes in one thing - growing peppers. He speaks from experience and his videos are packed with useful information. I didn't know what I didn't know until I watched one of these programs. Jay and I need to do some binge watching.

We're putting up the smaller bedding annuals like impatiens but they are not ready to leave the greenhouse yet.

We are still boarding two kittens, Stirling (he's gray-silver coat) and the no named cat (money cat coat). We're just getting to the point where they will take food from our hand so this is great progress for one week. They don't like the sound of the washing machine but that's too bad. Wait till they hear their first thunderstorm.

We are selling green leaf, red leaf and romaine lettuce. This is our first crop from the new high tunnel greenhouse. You will find the lettuce in the cooler in the farm stand along with bottles of water and sparkling water. We had to work hard to keep those bottles of water on the shelf but things worked out well at town meeting on Monday so we will continue to sell water in plastic containers smaller than one gallon. I need those small empty water bottle for traveling flower vases later in the year.

Some of you have been asking about any sales we might have in the future. Jay says that he will not be doing any ' buy so many plants and get a bag of soil' or sale on Proven Winner plants. Prices have just gone up too much too fast. We are still very competitive so come in and see what we have to offer.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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