Memorial Day weekend is here

Sprout Farm News Letter May 28, 2021 open 9-5 daily (we do close at 5)

Hello Everyone,

It is Memorial Day weekend and we hope you have a chance to participate in many of the events on Cape Cod honoring our military heroes.

We will be here, in the rain, and sympathize with your wishes for fair weather and warm temperatures but have a little pity on our gardens and water table. I don't know if we are in an official drought but if this dry spell keeps up homeowners will be talking about water restrictions. The well and the drip irrigation delivers water to our plants and not to the weed seeds in the walkways so I predict that in a week I will have lots of weeding to do. The guys knew I would break the handle on my push pull hoe. I think it was well cared for by its previous owner but it probably dates to the 1930's so it was no surprise when the handle snapped in two. I presented the sad remains of the hoe and told James where to find the new handle. Within a half an hour he handed me the hoe with its new handle and a word of caution that certain metal parts were still hot and don't touch them. It works great and the handle doesn't bend anymore. After all that James told me that he saw my hoe for sale at Home Depot. I just went online and couldn't find it anywhere but it would show some garden smarts if Home Depot actually carried the hoe.

A couple of years ago Hoss Tools started carrying them.

Now I have two. One with sharp teeth and one worn down to the gum line. A couple of days ago I found this rake without a handle buried in the weeds. James?

The sale this week is 1 cu. ft. Promix soil $6.00 while supplies last. Regular price $8.49. It is not exciting but the good news is that some of our new shipment of bedding plants are ready to go. Ageratum, cleome, impatiens, salvia and marigolds. There are more but unless I walk through the greenhouse I don't remember them all. I wish I could help you with the vinca vine shortage. Years ago I planted them in a quiet place against the house and it turns out they are perennial here in my yard. So if you purchased some vinca vine and want to have some next year just plant it in your yard (think mint) and dig up what you need next year. It does spread by tip rooting and runners underground. I'm just glad it doesn't cling to concrete like ivy.

Jay tells me that Cat-a-chino found a chipmunk today. That's news because I haven't seen one in several years. There is no creature that can dig up and eat newly planted seeds faster than a chipmunk. We planted cuke seedlings in the garden but the weather wasn't right so they didn't do well. We're direct seeding them from now on so it is very important to make sure we don't feed the chipmunks.

Jay surprised me by putting up some patio tomato pots. The plants are about 24", stocky and in a plain black pot. If you've peeked in the tomato house you know the plants we will be harvesting tomatoes from are about 9' tall and getting pretty heavy. Now Jay is working from the rolling ladder to attach them to the string. We now have green tomatoes for $3.19/lb. Can red ones be far behind? Farmers eat the first fruits, the last fruits and the seconds in between. I nibble on the herbs. Jay cut the sage plant almost down to the ground and it is coming back low but strong. It was about to take over the herb garden so I am glad to know it can take a serious trimming.

That's all for now. We look forward to seeing more of you smiling faces. Say a prayer for our fallen heroes and we'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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