Mid Summer Dreaming

Sprout Farm news Letter           July 31, 2020   Open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you enjoyed that little sprinkle we had this morning.  It was good for keeping down the dust, germinating weed seeds but it failed to penetrate deep down into the root zone.  Even that little moisture would have been appreciated by the farmers I saw when I went off Cape to bring home corn.  Josh said that if they didn't get rain they would be laying out the irrigation pipes tomorrow.    So if anyone out there wants a good excuse to dance, please make it a rain dance.

    Now I don't know if this is a working theory or just dumb luck but we haven't seen the deer in a week.  I was reading on the internet that a man was frustrated when he went deer hunting because when he was down wind(up wind?) of the deer, the deer would smell him and go the other way.  He reasoned that if the deer avoided the smell of him maybe he could protect his garden from deer by insuring that they could smell him around the border of his plot.  So he took several smelly, sweaty t-shirts, they're pretty easy to come by during a heat wave, stuck them on  posts and waited.  He didn't see deer for quite a while.  I told this to Jay and we now have an anti deer t-shirt posted on the trouble spot of our fence.  It looks like the interrupted beginnings of a scarecrow.  Now that it's been rained on I'll have to beg for a replacement shirt.

   This lack of rain has led to a bumper crop of summer squash and pickling cukes.  We have seen very little disease and have greatly reduced the few fungicides we normally use just to keep the squashes producing.  The drip irrigation keeps the moisture near the roots and not on the leaves so this is great for us with 100% drip in our fields but not good for the farmers who have many acres with UN-irrigated crops.  The irrigation to the herb garden has finally been hooked up so hopefully we'll soon have some herbs to go along with the tomatoes and other good veggies.

   Jay has been reading that the Feds. and the Depart. of Ag. are getting their act together and coming up with new rules and regs that farmers have to follow when it comes to selling veggies that are normally eaten raw.  This means that if you sell veggies in the covered class above a certain dollar amount, someone from the farm has to go to classes and learn how to process the veggies properly then go back to the farm and train all the workers who will be handling the veggies.  Until I read the article I won't be able to tell if it is Covid related but the government never seems to let a crises go to waste.  Until we run the numbers we don't know where we stand on the spectrum.  I think we have all the stainless steel tables and facilities we need but if we need something more Northeast Restaurant Supply is tucked away in the Mashpee Industrial Park and a fun place to visit.  For Kitchen geeks this is a go to store.  Sometimes my best finds are the used restaurant equipment.  You never know until you ask.  Don't forget your mask.

  Mama kitty is teaching the little ones about stairs and the great outdoors.  Like all young animals they have a keen sense of a hiding behavior.  Tonight the five kittens decided to sleep under the basement stairs landing platform.  Jay turned himself into a pretzel getting the kittens out so they could be returned to their upstairs quarters.  The door between the floors has a cat size opening so I'm sure they'll be underfoot as soon as they figure out there are humans on the first floor who have a soft touch for kittens and an endless supply of interesting cat foods.  It won't be long before they're ready to go to their new homes.

  The mums and Montauk daisies are doing fine and the blanket flowers are just starting to bloom.  They are a late seeding, the last of the plants in 6" pots and a good plant to fill in the gaps.

  Stop by and see us.  The corn is delicious, the tomato supply is getting a little better and the rest of the veggies are great.

See you soon,

  Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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