Mid way through summer already

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Hello Everyone.

It's August and the weather is very changeable. We enjoyed the recent rains but all our farmer friends across the bridges are saying ,"Enough!" We're doing our best to bring you the best but there are bound to be gaps in the supply chain. We are just starting to pick our own field tomatoes. We are fortunate to get some tomatoes from Sauchuk Farm in Plympton. Our cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen but there aren't very many so far. Jay is digging our own potatoes and the onions are drying very nicely. We've never grown such large red onions. This is the breather season between the spring garden shop season and the fall mum season. We just don't have a lot of plants to sell. I'm grateful for the rain. Now I won't have to water the few perennials I grow up by the driveway for a week. That's a survivor garden. If the plants can put up with my neglect, they're a survivor and they stay. If they don't survive, I plant something else.

Jay has extended the parking area or at least the soil storage area. All that is left between the parking area and the fish pond is one pine tree and some serious poison ivy. I think that will be my job to dispose of as I am less allergic than Jay.

The kittens continue to put on weight and it can't be soon enough for me. I watched a hawk swoop between the greenhouses with a creature clutched in its talons. I thought it looked like a large rodent but when I couldn't find both kittens right away I got worried. Fortunately Ziggy had followed Jay into the house and she was doing a good job of making our friend and plant broker uncomfortable with his cat allergies. It is OK to let people know you have allergies. Cats are very moveable.

Thank you for your continued support.

That's all for now,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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