No frost

Sprout Farm news letter April 30 2021 Hello Everyone, April used to be a ramp up month for us. We had a soft opening in March, that's when we open the gates in case someone wanted to come in and chat but there wasn't very much to sell because there was always the threat of frost. Well, the threat of frost is not showing up in the forecast and it seems like a whole lot of people have decided to shop early. I'm just saying that if a frosty night does happen, don't blame us. We are looking for cashier help at the farm stand on Saturdays. I won't sugarcoat it; it can get a little crazy at times but the people are great. Stop by if you or someone you know is interested. We won't be able to hire school age kids because it will involve a few weekday hours when they are in school. The annual Mother's Day hanging basket sale starts on Sunday and all hanging baskets will be 20% off until Saturday May 8th. On an unrelated note; town elections in Mashpee are on May 8th. Regular price for mixed 10” hanging baskets is $22.99 and the straight variety baskets are $19.99 plus tax. The baskets are beautiful. The pergola to the left of the farm stand is a little taller than the old one so call out if you need help getting a basket down. I'm short so I use a gadget our son James welded together that I call the claw. I haven't dropped a basket yet but putting one back on the hook can be tricky. I talked with my friend Bill Cannon from Brewster this week and he told me that he was cleaning out his greenhouses of plants. For those of you who follow holly gardening in new England, Bill Cannon is a legend. You can watch this brief 2009 YouTube video tour of his back yard here and get a flavor of his passion for horticulture. When we stayed open for business through the Christmas season I would get bags of boxwood tips from Bill to make the boxwood trees. The last time I happened to be there while he was cutting the tips. Cutting the branches isn't right. He had a small ladder and was manicuring these twelve foot tall shrubs and putting the tips into the garbage bags. I was glad to hear he will still trim the boxwood at Christmas time, he is just selling his plants from his Greenhouse for 50% off. His yard is on acre of beautiful plantings with paths that meander past the most unusual hollies and Bill knows all their names, common and Latin. His greenhouses are old and sturdy but sometimes you have to chose what jobs you continue with. He told me he raises some annuals along with his specialty plants and hollies. So if you are driving down rte. 6A in Brewster and go by the Old General Store, Bill is on the left at 2081 Main Street. We continue to get advise on how to clear the algae out of the fish pond. This is a project that seems to require a lot of consultation but as always, we meet very interesting people. Eventually we will get the pond cleared out and we will be able to see all the baby koi that survived the winter. Now the koi have to be coy because our tux with the tail, Chino, has been successful at fishing one of the little ones right out of the pond. Fortunately he is shy and stays away from the pond when customers are near. I know that potted water lilies are in our future because the roots from floating plants are dinner for the koi. Everyone continues to plug away and space is so tight that the marigolds are on rolling carts. As soon as trays come out of the greenhouse the space is filled up with newly planted trays. With all the plant activities Jay still remembers to go into the tomato house before he goes to lunch and take the leaf blower to the tomato plants. Pollination is critical at this time and there is nothing faster than a leaf blower at the lower setting to stir up the pollen in the tomato flowers. We are happy to see so many of our old friends back after winter and ready to garden. We don't have produce yet. The lettuce is still a month away but I think Jay got a little carried away with the lettuce. I'm going to be weeding a lot of lettuce in the near future. Be sure to stop by soon and look around, We start everything here from seeds or plugs so we own it. Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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