Open up spring 2020

Hello Everyone,

Jay says...

“In these uncertain times we all look forward to getting

out and back to our lives remembering who brought us here, that's right

MOM. Mothers day, May 10th, is just ahead and Sprout Farm Stand and green houses

have a plentiful supply of hanging baskets to choose from, begonias ,

geraniums and baskets of proven winner plants in mixed combinations, all on sale 20% off

regular price starting Saturday May 2nd. We have Coast of Maine and Promix soils for all yourgardening needs. As the weather warms Sprouts has a great selection flowers and vegetable plants for you.”

Our perennials are on display down the walkway to the right and also between greenhouses three and four. .I'm sorry but we have restricted entry to our greenhouses to employees for the present time. I feel like garden centers won the 'essential' lottery. In some states garden centers are just being allowed to open up. Some bureaucrat on Beacon Hill decided that garden centers and farm stands were an essential business in Massachusetts. We're right up there with liquor stores. Let's all hope that the number of cases continues to go down and everyone can go back to normal. After all, everyone is essential.

Jay enlarged the farm stand and we can now accommodate social distancing. Inside we have a new but limited selection of pots and our chemicals have found a permanent home at last. We have local honey from Sagamore and jams from Side Hill Farm in Vermont. For the time being, Jay will be handling all transactions to keep contacts down to a minimum. He tries to take a lunch break between 12 - 1:00 but it seldom works out.

I open up the sewing machine every now and then to make some cloth masks and I have made about 20 in men's and women's sizes. I use pre-washed cotton from my quilting stash and add Pellon Light weight sew-in interfacing to add and improve sturdiness and filtration. They are for sale at $5.00/mask, one per customer. I don't have a schedule to make them but it looks like we will all need one just to be on the safe side and polite.

Some people have asked if we have curbside pick up and we decided that choosing plants is too personal for us to make those decisions. We are happy to carry your selections to your vehicle and we have trunk liners to keep your car clean, just ask for them.

It looks like we're having one of those typical rainy Cape Cod spring seasons. We understand that this will delay planting but we keep seeding up plants in the green houses so we will be ready when you are to plant that perfect garden.

Please visit us and indulge your need for greenery and fresh air. We're open from 9-5 seven days a week and we look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. .

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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