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Hello Everyone,

The weather pattern has changed and we're finally getting those summer showers that help the gardens so much.  The farmers off Cape said they appreciate the rain but right now they could use the sunshine to dry things out.  One farmer said the planting of corn that should be over three feet tall is only twelve inches high, starting to tassel and the few silks that show are close to the ground.  That's drought.  They still walk through the field because every now and then there is a corn stalk that is the right height.  One has to wonder where it tapped into water.  This is the tricky time of year when all the projects that were missed, like spraying the corn or tomatoes for worms, will be regretted.  When corn is scarce because of the drought do you bring in corn that you know from the farmer that a third of it may have bugs or do you just do without?  I don't like making decisions like that so I'll let Jay hunt for the best corn he can find.  The farmers always tell us what's going on and we will always let you know if there are 'issues' because we can't open the corn to check it out before it goes on the stand.  Our compose pile is absolutely skinny this year without all those corn shucks.

    I overheard Jay say that we have a radio ad so I'll get to the news.  Our Montauk Daises are $7.99 plus tax. Our chrysanthemums in a nine inch pots are $5.49 and the chrysanthemums in the 10 inch hanging baskets are $10.99 plus tax.  When you visit the farm you can check them out if you look in the greenhouses.  Years ago we were told that you couldn't grow mums in greenhouses but we had very little choice.  Our land has a gentle slope and the only flat growing spaces are in the greenhouses and the outdoor  perennial display area and that's a pain in the neck to water.  So Jay tinkered with the water and fertilizer and the mums are amazing.  They're just not in color yet.  I'll see if I can get him to make a map of where they are by color in the greenhouses.

    We have Shosito peppers from a local farm in Falmouth.  They look delicious and you get a surprise because one out of every ten peppers is hot.  I'm not too sure how that works but it beats boring.  There will also be some jalapeno peppers from the same farm.

    I saved the best news for last.  The Big Apple in Wrentham called to tell us they have apples but even better; we can now get peaches! Yea!  I don't know what's going on up there but I'm just happy to know we'll be getting crunchy Paula Red and Gravenstein apples and juicy peaches.  We will be selling the peaches by the box again this year.  Jay gave the netting tube gizmo a new coat of Flex-Seal spray to keep everything clean and waterproof.  Give me time to get home from Wrentham Sunday morning and Jay  time to box up the peaches, so before noon we should have peaches ready for you. 

       Jessy had an upset tummy this week and she's doing well on a diet of special canned food but she can't have  kibble or treats for a week.  I know she remembers every pocket that has ever held a dog treat but she's just as happy with a pat and a kind word as she is with a treat.  The cats are back to grown up time which means they're ignoring each other and life is  calmer without Mama kitty defending kittens. 

    Please be careful when you're working in a garden.  There are lots of bees around.  There is a happy hive somewhere near here because my flowers are loaded with honey bees and bumble bees.  When I work in the flowers in the evening I see the bumble bees sleeping in the middle of the zinnia blooms, just like children in their P.J.'s, Definitely, Do Not Disturb.  They're grumpy when you wake them up.

   That's all for now.  Jay is having fun on the tractor and James is happy stacking firewood on pallets.  It's all about the toys.  September is right around the corner and there are some personal changes because of school opening. Jay and I want to thank you all for shopping with us this year.   He and I have an agreement.  I don't read his radio ads and he doesn't read my newsletters.  It works, most of the time. I just have to double check the spelling.

     See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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