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Sprout Farm News Letter May 29, 2020     open 9-5 seven days a week

Hello Everyone,

Summer is almost here and from where we stand many of you have planted your gardens.  You have been so busy that we are running low on plants that we normally have available well into June.

  So I asked Jay about the sale of the week and he said there wasn't one.  Well, that's a first for the month of May.  We still have Proven Winners and some beautiful hanging baskets'  We're starting to see our summer seedings mature and come out of the greenhouses.  The African marigold seeds arrived today.  Jay opened the package and looked disappointed there were so few seeds.  I told him I plant fewer plants every year because they grow so big.  Give them some serious support, watch out for foliage disease around the beginning of August and these marigolds will grow up to three feet tall.  I have to remind myself that we fertilize through the automatic irrigation system so our results may differ from yours.  There is no question that the difference between those cute french marigolds that repel bugs and the tall African giants; it's is all in the genes.

    The weeds are growing nicely, as usual.  I was surprised to see my favorite push pull hoe now available in the A. M. Leonard's Gardeners Edge catalog.  I couldn't figure out the open triangle design when I saw it for the first time.  My friend explained that the family used it to keep the weeds out of the macadam driveway.  Gravel driveways do tend to get weedy and this tool slides under to gravel and severs the weeds.  We've done dirt driveways and I'll take blacktop every time but this tool is sweet in the garden.

    We'll be planting our zukes and cuke seedlings this weekend and we planted the tomato plants and egg plants  now that the soil has warmed up.  We're seeing winter moth caterpillars again.  We've given up trying to get perfect leaves on the maple tree in the front yard.  The winter moths don't eat tomato plats so I'll continue to ignore them.  These cool humid nights are going to bring on the Botrytis in the greenhouses. We'll hope for hot sunny days but with the greenhouses less crowded the problem is far less than we've seen in previous years.

    We are grateful that the covid 19 restrictions have not stopped some of the simple pleasures like gardening and hiking.  If you can get away with it, garden slowly and get a tan.  Sunshine is very good for you.  We're seeing the natural reduction of influenza cases and getting outdoors is more important than ever.

  A Quote from an article in National Review - "

“among our 7,324 identified cases in China with sufficient descriptions, only one outdoor outbreak involving two cases occurred.”  This vox video has some good information and animation about the spread of the virus outside vs inside. 

  We appreciate your business and  your friendship.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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