Sprout Farm News Letter June 11, 2021 Open 9-5 daily Spring, summer, spring... wait fifteen minutes and the temperature will change. When I worked at the dry cleaners I would call this the 'change of closet season'. The cool weather plants are still doing well. Last week's rain was a big help but we could use a little more after those hot steamy days of mid week. Summer's coming real soon. It look like we'll have some sugar snap peas in a little while. No matter when we plant them they seem to ripen right around Father's Day. We have a small sun room off of our living room and when I step out I can look down of the rows of peas. I think Jay planted them in March or April and they're finally flowering and making up some pods. Pea plants are not smart. They have tendrils that grab onto just about anything but the fence we have right over them. Every year I go out with string and vine clips to tug the vines close to the fence. Every year Jay complains because the twine has to be un-clipped from the fence before he can roll it up for storage. I try to use as few clips as possible but if one vine falls down it tends to bring down its neighbors so a little prevention keeps the plants growing tall and pathways clear. Our sale this week are our 6 pack annual bedding plants 30% off, also pepper, eggplant 4" pots and 4" squash plant pots are now 30% off. The annual bedding plants are perfect for filling that empty space in your garden. Remember just after Mother's Day when an order of thousands of plugs came in and had to be transplanted? Well they are getting moved out of the greenhouse because we're cleaning the greenhouses and getting them ready for the mum plugs which should be arriving some time next week. It's not even officially summer and we're getting ready for fall. Our rhythm is right, it just seems off to everyone else. Right now we are picking kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, lettuce, Chinese cabbage and beets. I took a lettuce from the cooler to make a salad. I've watched Jay stuffing these huge plants into bags used for bagging cabbage. After making my salad I tried to squeeze the bag around the lettuce and there was no way I was going to be able to repeat his feat, at least not without the lettuce bagging gadget. So plan 2- use the Wal-Mart t-shirt bag, the kind you can't use in businesses in Mashpee. At last, a good fit with room to spare. Last fall's leeks flowered so I removed the flowers in hopes that the leeks will put it's energy into growing a think stalk and not leek seeds. We need to learn how to save seeds because the seed pods on the Eastham turnip plants are getting fat. Jay saved about a dozen plants and five of them survived the winter. Now they have reached 4' high and continue to grow after having fallen over in the wind. I think there is some YouTube research in my future. We have a second second box turtle sighting. He seems to like the solar panel area. If turtles like to eat slugs then he is in turtle heaven. Twix hasn't brought in a turtle, yet, but give him time. This week's count is- three bunnies, two chipmunks one or two birds and various mice, shrews or whatever. He may be catching prey but the deer tick nymphs are attaching themselves to my outdoor cats. If you have outdoor cats check around their eyes and the delicate skin on the edges of their ears. These nymphs are almost microscopic but they show up in these areas because the fur is so sparse and the blood vessels are close to the skin. It looks like my cats are all due for a treatment. The crazy days are behind us and there's lots of parking. There's no word yet on how the corn is growing off Cape. Pray they get the rain when they need it. Corn fields don't get irrigation. If all goes well we should see corn sometime in mid July. Be patient and enjoy the flowers, if not yours, then your neighbor's flowers. At last a year without winter moth caterpillars defoliating every tree in sight and now we just have to deal with a few noisy cicadas. These too will pass. That's all for now. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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