Summer's almost here!

Sprout Farm Newsletter June 18th 2021 open 9-5 daily Hello Everyone, It's almost summer and it is good to smell the sweet air. We still have many beautiful plants and hanging baskets to perk up your yard. This week's sale continues last weeks bargains. Our regular 6 packs are $2.65, six pack veggies are $1.99, veggie 4" pots are $1.00 and now perennials are 30% off regular price. They are beautiful but all that hand watering is taking up a lot of garden time. I've been spending my mornings weeding the garden and I haven't lost a crop to weeds yet. There are between 40-50 rows ranging in length between 80' - 200' each. Yesterday I weeded half the potato rows and today Jay hilled them up. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference at harvest time. This will be the last time he hills the potatoes. It turns out that the hilling process is done to make sure sunlight does not reach the growing tubers and turn them green. Now we wait for a few more weeks before we start digging into the hills and harvesting some of those sweet new potatoes. The sugar snap peas are coming along and last week's rain gave them a big boost. I've tried some in stir fry but l agree with Jay that they aren't sweet enough yet. So we wait. No need to wait for tomatoes. We have plenty and they are delicious. When you walk into the farm stand you have to look to the back wall to see their bin next to the door to the greenhouse. People come in and look to the cooler for lettuce and don't realize that the 'T' of the BLT of their dreams is right behind them. We love tomatoes. I finally saw a rabbit in the garden. It was being chased by Fluffy or rather Fluffy was treating it like some kind of playmate. She's a lover not a killer. After being chased around the garden for fifteen minutes, Jay picked up the rabbit and showed me that it didn't have a scratch on it. He put it down, Fluffy chased it and eventually lost interest in it and let it go. Meanwhile the other two caught a chipmunk and brought it into the house to show me. Good kitties. Jay looked disappointed this morning when he got up and there were no critters. I chalked up one rabbit to Twix earlier this week. I see more damage from slugs and snails than I do from rabbits. The Andover Garden Club has an easy guide to gardening by the month. There's always something new to learn. Don't forget to use your sunblock. The sun is very strong at this time of year. That's all for now. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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