Surprise storm

Sprout Farm Newsletter October 30, 2021 Open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

Well that was a surprise storm. I think we've been preparing for storms like that for the last forty years. Every year we look at our shrinking forest and say, "Where do you think that tree would fall in a storm?" We call our friendly tree company and they come out when business is slow and cut down a few more trees. I have a tall, borer infested pitch pine in mind for this winter's removal. Our neighborhood lost power for a day but we didn't. That's a story for another day.

For our gardening friends here is a website with a one page list of November gardening suggestions.

There is a brief mention of scale. That is a tiny creature that clings to just about every surface of our oak trees. When you learn what they look like you will see them everywhere.

The farm stand continues to be open up until Thanksgiving. We have squash, apples, lettuce, turnip, cider, cranberries, honey, jam, tomatoes from the greenhouse, small sugar pumpkins, winter kale and some sporadic broccoli and carrots.

The tomatoes look too perfect. I wish they had more seeds because the real tomato flavor is in the seeds but I'm just happy to have them.

We hope everyone is safe after this storm and their power will soon be restored. Consider this storm a dry run for a possible nasty winter. Remember 2015? Here are a few tips from Consumer Reports.

One suggestion I've never seen on these blog posts is to use a jump starter with an inverter for safe lighting and USB device recharging. These are also available at places like Wal-Mart and Harbor freight. I keep an extra one on hand, fully charged, and when the power goes out and I check on my elderly neighbor. I can bring over the jump starter, plug in his favorite lamp, and know he has safe lighting that will last for days. If you know a family with small children, this may make a practical Christmas gift. Candles are romantic but safety first, please.

Come on by for your favorite ingredients for comfort food cooking. Take some to a friend and stay in touch with your neighbors. The last of the zinnias lost their blooms to the wind but spring will be here again before you know it.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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