Sweet June

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Good Morning Everyone,

We are picking picking lettuce, kale and Swiss chard and they are available in the cooler.

All hanging baskets are $15.00 this week and we have hundreds to choose from.

We have Proven Winners, annuals, six pack annuals and vegetable starts for your garden.

We do not sell shrubs but like many of you we have them in our yard.  Here is a top on pruning shrubs.

      'It may sound a little crazy, but starting now you will want to prune any spring-flowering trees (dogwoods for example) or bushes (azaleas, rhododendrons, forsythia, lilacs). Starting now and through the end of June, these bushes will stop flowering. It is critical to prune these bushes right after they finish flowering, otherwise if you wait too long you will end up cutting off the buds for next year's flowers. Remember to take this step at the appropriate time and you will be rewarded with a healthy plant that produces vigorous blooms each and every year! '

  Last year we tried tip rooting hibiscus segments and it worked.  We are trying it again but now I know it takes several months to get the segments to root even in the seeding house.  If you have seen those beautiful white hibiscus plants blooming in August and Sept. know that we can collect and start plants from their seeds but they do not always produce plants with those pure white blooms.  The next generation may have a very faint rim of red around the edge of the bloom.  The only way to get that pure white flower is to segment and root several stalks early in the season.  I hate to sacrifice stalks from my one or two established plants but by fall I should have almost a dozen clones.

   So if you have a plant that you love, see if it can be propagated by tip rooting.  This takes time, timing and a dedicated space.

    Jay has planted zucchini seeds in the soil bags placed on the black mat out next to the garden.  He turned the old bags over and we're trying to see how well they grow zukes when used for a second year.  He also laid out fewer bags than last year because the irrigation system helped the zucchini to grow to its fullest size and the plants were too close together when it came to harvest time.  I borrowed a few bags last fall to fill up my perennial bed so Jay added a few new bags of soil onto the line.  We'll compare how the old bags produce next to the new ones.  We'll be able to tell the difference because of the print on the bags.

   We all hope you can spend some calming time in the garden this week.  In June there is a precious sweetness in the air.  Stay healthy everyone and we'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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