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Sprout Farm newsletter July 23, 2021 Open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

I've just been greeted by a wet cat. Fluffy was caught out in the rain. At least she's coming inside the house again. There has been adjustment period for our older cats to get used to the kittens. It's at times like this I miss Gorden cat. He accepted any and all kittens. Chino caught a rabbit this week and Twix made sure it didn't get away. Tag team, I like it.

Jay says he is just working hard to keep the stand full. There are almost a dozen garden irrigation zones and the batteries that run the timers can quit very quietly. He was checking some plants and noticed that the soil was powder dry. Sure enough, the timer wasn't working right. Tonight's shower will help out but checking timers is just another chore that keeps this place keep producing.

I started picking up white corn this week. It is delicious but I'm still a butter and sugar corn kind of gal. The corn from Sauchuk's always looks so good. This morning Scott told me that the birds and coyotes are getting into the corn. Coyotes? Yes, it seems that they and dogs like corn. When I see the battle these farmers have to wage against insects, birds, deer, disease and now coyotes, I wonder that they ever bring in bushel after bushel of perfect, delicious corn. They do all of this and still get the corn from the field to the farm stand by 7:45 am. Now that's fresh.

The Barnstable County Fair is happening this week and that is my marker to start looking for tomato horn worm damage; leaves chewed off of the stems and little black dropping around the base of the plants. These worms can grow four inches long and be totally invisible in tomato foliage by day. Here is a YouTube video that shows a gardener hunting tomato horn worms at night using an inexpensive black light. I think you need two flashlights, one to see where you are walking and one to see the horn worms glow under the black light. . A small Quantum blacklight flashlight is in stock at Harbor Freight in Hyannis for $7.99. 'This UV Blacklight Flashlight delivers UV spectrum light for leak detection and pest control.' I was amazed to see how many tiny worms a family found using the blacklight. check it out. It turns out these blacklights are a good tool to check out how well sanitized a place is.

That's all for now. Don't forget to enjoy the beach. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

See you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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