Waiting for Corn

Sprout Farm Newsletter sproutfarm.net Sept. 3rd. 2020 Open 9-5 daily Hello Everyone, You are getting this email a day early because we know you are making your Labor Day weekend plans and you need to know that there is still a problem with the local corn supply. It looks like the earliest we can think about getting corn will be Sunday and even that is very tentative. This is the lag effect of the drought but the good news is that there will be corn, the season isn't over yet but this is a big hick-up in the local supply. I will post a note on our sprout farm Facebook page when I'm heading off Cape for corn. I wish I had better news but this is a big weekend and we don't want you to be disappointed. It looks like it will be Sunday at the earliest for corn. We're still growing and harvesting many of your favorite garden veggies. I had to check out the article highlighted in this week's UMASS Ag. newsletter. The Secret Life of Weeds. Check out pages 2-4. There's lots of information but no pictures. https://ag.umass.edu/sites/ag.umass.edu/files/newsletters/march_9_2017_vegetable_notes.pd I purchased Weeds of the Northeast for pictures. See you soon, Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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