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Sprout Farm Newsletter Sept. 18, 2021 sproutfarm.net open 9-5 daily

Good Morning Everyone,

Those fall mums which you watched growing in the greenhouses are almost gone. There are about 75 left along with some hanging basket mums. We do have perennial fall asters in pink and blue and they have yet to bloom. These are new for us and Jay has trimmed each of them back by hand. The Montauk Daisies are budding up right on schedule. They are one of the last perennials in the garden to bloom. If you head down south for the winter around Oct. 1st, don't bother planting Montauks, you will never see them in bloom. We also have some beautiful large purple cone flowers in pots. They need a garden home soon to develop a good root system. I started some holly hocks and they grew but they were hit by rust so they don't look pretty. Right now I'm just tagging them when I see them in color, so far just pink. I don't know if they will survive the winter in pots but life is a gamble.

The corn season is officially over. I have never seen such a perfect storm of problems for corn growing as I have heard of from my farmer friends. Worms, deer, rain, rain and sudden sweltering heat all add up to a very short corn season. We still have peaches and the folks at the orchard have been alerted of a rare quality control problem. We are currently selling Macintosh, Cortland, Gala, Ginger Gold and Gravenstein apples. Lettuce is thin right now but the new plantings are enjoying the cooler weather and tomatoes are almost gone. We have pumpkins; sugar, face carving size and ugly edibles. We also have the start of the winter squashes; acorn, carnival, delicata, and amber cup. We expect to get a bin of butternut squash this week. At this time of year the butternut may sweeten up a little if you let it rest for a week or two before you cook it.

I wish we would take our own advice but please remover the weeds from your garden to make sure there are fewer weed seeds to greet you next spring. We are getting notices from our friends at Progressive Growers in Carver ( the word Progressive has nothing to do with politics) that they expect price increases so if you can order your supplies now you will lock in your savings. If you do significant gardening and you have storage space, you may want to think and plan ahead.

The second crop of tomatoes in the tomato house look beautiful but I question if we will still be open for business when they finally ripen. In the spring we spend money heating the greenhouses until the weather warms up and we can turn off the heat. In the fall, everything starts off with no heating costs but ripens with $$$$.

That's all for now. Stop by and see us soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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