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Sprout Farm Newsletter June 8th 2024  open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

We are beginning the transition from the spring garden to the summer garden. The squash and cucumber seedlings are starting to pop up and it is a race to keep them clear of the emerging weeds. Jay says he planted the seeds in clear ground with no weeds, but I can only wonder how the weeds could grow to six inches in height while the poor squash seed struggled to germinate. I'll go back for a second look in a couple of days but I hope those squash plants have spread their leaves to cover the bare dirt and shade out the new weeds.

June is also a transition time in the greenhouses. Jay says, “ It's getting time (I hate to say it) to plant our fall mums, so we need to sell enough product to get remaining spring plants out of the greenhouses. So this week, Proven Winner 4 1/2” pots- Regularly $5.99 are 25% off. All other Proven Winners $6.99 to $14.99 are also 25% off. Any remaining perennials are 30% off. There's not many to choose from but we will have some butterfly bush, allium, astilbe and more. Sale runs June 9th to June 15th.

We have our early greenhouse tomatoes but the plants are suffering with aphids so we don't expect the long harvest we usually get. The sugar snap peas are flowering and look very good. They should be producing some nice pods in a couple of weeks. We have lots of lettuce and we've added red romaine lettuce to our other varieties. We continue to start veggie seedlings for those people who don't want to throw seeds in the ground. That can be risky. I saw a chipmunk yesterday and today George watched a woodchuck running around the back corner of the lot. We haven't seen one of those critters in years.

Last week we saw two beautiful deer wander from the outside of the deer fence surrounding our fields over to our neighbor's yard. They probably went back to the Woodlands where there's plenty for deer to eat but you can't blame them for looking at our menu.

Father's Day is coming up soon and the stores are offering all sorts of discounts on tools and batteries for those electric tools. This is the best time to stock up on those 'buy the tool and get the batteries and chargers at no additional cost.' I love the tools but the batteries always seemed to go bad long before the warranty runs out. This year I purchased the tool, a stick vac, and picked up the deal with the three batteries that happen to fit all my farm tools. I've never filled out those warranty forms before and as soon as I saw the QR code I knew I was in trouble. I took the picture of the receipt, uploaded it to my newly created account with the company, then realized that I was only halfway finished so I called the number to finish the job. During the call back a very nice young man went through the procedure to get all the model and serial numbers on the batteries, the charger, the stick vac and the brush attachment to the stick vac. That last one was a surprise but looking back at various vacuum brush attachments I've used over the years, they are the first thing to break, so yes, put down the numbers and hope for the best. I would have skipped that altogether but he knew his business and made sure all the parts were covered. I still took my White Out pen and wrote the number 24 on the base of all the new batteries. I don't want to go searching through paperwork for serial numbers, just in case.

Once again the Millennial Gardener has some good tips for June, even if he does live in North Carolina.-

The kitten report. They're on the move! They cling to pant legs, cry piteously if separated from the group, still stumble occasionally but they're gaining speed and coordination fast. Wheezie is always hungry but this is the last week she will be their only source of nourishment. Soon the kittens will start eating food on their own. Right now they want to nurse and it makes no difference if she is laying down or sitting down to dinner, she is surrounded by hungry kittens, I love it in the morning when they come charging out of the closet ready to play and follow anyone who is moving. We're like a bus that they want to hop on and catch a ride. They don't go far on bare legs so Jay is safe but they love to cling to jeans. It's important for me to see if anyone is dangling from the back of my jeans. They are so tiny I hardly notice their weight when walking.

Well, that's all for now. Stop by and see us soon

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

Tel: 774-392-3168

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