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Sprout Farm Newsletter      May 18th 2024 open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

We are so happy to be with you all again. Do we dare hope we have the last frost of the season behind us?  It will be a long time before I forget the last frost of 2023.  My crystal ball says that we will have a typical Cape Cod Spring, lots of cold misty weather tripping into hot sweaty sunburns.

   Jay says, to start with, we still have lettuce but only red leaf & Romaine.  We have started picking Kale, Pac Choi and some English cucumbers.  With that out of the way: Specials for the week leading up to Memorial Day (Yes it really is here) Proven Winners, those pots with the PW all over them 20% off and Pro Mix 2 cu ft potting Soil Reg. $16.99 on sale this week only $14.99/bag.  As always, sales are limited to quantities on hand.  There are pallets of soil all over the place.  I think we can handle anything.

Mimi's micro-greens are back in stock.  I'm waiting for Jay to finish the ladder sign for her but it will go up some day soon.

The garden tips for May will help out later in the season. While your spring bulbs are still alive, mark off the spots around them for summer plantings.  The tulip greens will be the first to disappear so mark them first.  Daffodil greens will linger but they will need to be marked also.  May is the perfect time to plant a cool weather garden but we've sold out of all our pansies, except for white.  The other cool weather flower is osteospermum, a vibrant African daisy-.

Some years Willowbend will have a beautiful display of osteo at their entrance and they seem to handle the heat very well. You have to love automatic watering systems.

If you've cared for some special plants all winter it is time to harden them off before they go outside on your deck for the summer.  Bring them outdoors for a few hours at first, then gradually increase their daily recess time until they get used to the sun and wind.  I can show you examples of windblown plants in my garden because we operate on the sink or swim theory for our farm plants. Once something leaves the greenhouse, there's no going back in because there's no room.,Instead of guessing what your garden might need to grow those big beautiful tomatoes, I recommend you get your soil tested.

You can guess your way out of health problems with over the counter medication or you can get a diagnosis from a professional and a prescription targeting the problem. Think of the extension service as your soil doctor. Plants and soils are expensive so stack the odds of success in your favor. 

The kitten report.  These are the quietest kittens I've ever seen.  We moved the basket into our closet so Wheezie would calm down and she is a very good mother.  The kittens are just over a week old and starting to open their eyes.  I don't dare touch them, just a brief stroke of their fur to marvel at how soft and warm they are. We all sleep well at night and the other cats stay out of the bedroom so the closet is the best place for her kindle.  The term kindle better describes a group of young kittens born to one mother cat. Kindle comes from the old-fashioned Middle English word kindelen, with a definition of “to give birth to young.” I thought that Kindle was for books, Oh well. I'm just not used to all black kittens. We are still waiting to re-home Simba to some lucky person. A start up cost for a cat has changed a lot in the last ten years. Just the cost to spay or neuter a cat is an eye opener, add the shots, the micro-chip and the option to get a well mannered two year old cat may be a good option for someone who wants to by-pass the kitten cute/crazy stage. Fortunately all our kittens are spoken for. Now our friend Patti may have something later on this year. Stay tuned.

That's all for now. Stop by and see us soon.


Jay and Phyllis Sprout

Tel: 774-392-3168

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We are open every day from 9-5 


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