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Sprout Farm newsletter April 13th, 2024        Open 9-5 daily until Thanksgiving.

Hello Everyone.

The shad bush is leafing out and the seagulls are crying as they fly in circles over the Mashpee River.  This is the yearly start of the herring going up the river.  They take advantage of the incoming tide and the many different species of birds  feast on them but it's the gulls who make the most noise.   It's all part of the yearly cycle.  Even here, the early plantings are in the garden and the Eastham turnip that wintered over is going to go to seed by August.  Jay has planned where all the plants end up in the greenhouse and every year he says he bought too many plants but he always makes them fit.  He's has mastered the computer enough so that he can track plant shipments.  He follows them virtually around the state to the Cape, to our yard.  He loves driving the forklift and the new paving makes it easier for him to unload pallets. 

This week's sale:  Coast Of Maine soils, 1 cu ft Potting mix, Planting Mix, and Lobster Compost $9.50/ bag

The chores are the same, seeding, potting up plugs and planting.  My chore this week is to make up the bench cards so you won't have to bend over and pull tags out of the perennials to see what they are.  The bleeding heart, columbine, and some of the other early spring perennials are in bloom already.  They come out of the greenhouse early because they can handle the cooler temperatures.

As you know I watch YouTube to keep up with farm and garden items that never make it to the evening news.  This one video popped up today and it brought together some troubling trends for small farms.  I do not know who stands to benefit by shutting down small farms in the name of water resource management but the farmers in Oregon are trying to figure out how to get out from under a 1909 water restriction law that was written to keep runoff from large agricultural operations from polluting water resources.  This law has been gradually twisted to the point where if you have a small chicken coop with a solid floor you have to upgrade your facility to meet ridiculous health standards and the only water you can call your own is rainwater catchment.  I don't know if we have similar laws here in Massachusetts but we are going to have to keep an eye on this because this happened gradually in Oregon and it may be a trial balloon for other states.

The kitten report: Wheezie is getting downright chubby.  We don't see any independent movement but it won't be long now.  I thought she would have kittens around Mother's Day but I don't think she will wait that long.  The other cats are fine.  Fluff and Simba don't always get along and their singing can be heard from the basement all the way up to the second floor.  Simba is still available for adoption but that will happen in good time.  All the cats have welcomed spring and the chance to beg for treats at the farm stand.  they don't need toys when they are happy to chase a leaf or a long stem of grass.  They remind me of the children when they enjoyed playing with  the box as much as the toy that was in it.  Keep it simple.

That's all for now.  Stop by and see us soon.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

Tel: 774-392-3168

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