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It's fall and were open for the season from now to November 24th. 

Jay with rabbit.jpg
creamed honey.jpg

Jay saved a rabbit the cat carried in and made a new friend in the process, at least for 20 minutes.  He was returned to the wild in perfect condition.

Sprout Farm now has a News Letter.
We no longer advertise our weekly sales in the local newspaper so the best way to learn about our sales is to visit our
facebook page on Saturday mornings, listen to our radio ads on WXTK and WCOD local shows, or sign up to receive our very brief Sprout Farm News Letter.  Learn all about our weekly sales in your email box on Thursday mornings. I don't share any email addresses and everything will arrive BBC. So if you would like our sales ad to arrive in your email box first thing Saturday mornings, send your email address along with just your first name to: sproutes@comcast.net
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and I'll take care of the rest.
Thank you,
Phyllis Sprout