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Sprout Farm Newsletter June 15th 2024 open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

The celebrations just keep on coming. There are graduations, Flag Day, Juneteenth, and last but not least Fathers Day. It's time we insist that Fathers in this country get more respect. I can tell from TV ads that dads mow lawns but they leave the gardens to the women in the family. That doesn't work around here. I mow the lawn and leave the heavy work in the garden (fields) up to the guys. You're not going to catch me on the seat of the tractor or behind any gas powered equipment. Yes, I have an electric mower and I love it. I'm waiting for a small electric tiller to hit the market.

Happy Fathers Day to all. Our Plant clearance is here and the selection this year is pretty extensive, from Proven Winners, to hanging baskets and 6 pack annuals. There are even some sun patiens. Everything starting Sunday 6/16 is now 30% off regular price. The 30% sale on perennials is also extended.

The mum plugs have arrived and our June chore to fill the pots and plant the plugs is here. How did time go so fast. The fastest plant on the farm this year is the sugar snap peas. It is common to plant the peas under a pea fence and watch the peas germinate, then grow up the fence and never stray from the fence. That's a gardener's fairy tale. If you're lucky they find the fence and start growing up and not send out a tendril to latch onto the nearest weed growing along the ground. Well, this year they found the fence. Thank you George for laying the fence several inches along the ground. I don't know why we didn't think of that years ago. That was the first 4, 100 foot rows. In case a few vines forgot to cling to the fence I surrounded them with tomato twine and used vine clips to make an extra outside fence. As the plants grow higher, I add another line of string to surround the plants and keep them from separating from the fence. I'm 5'4” tall and the pea plants are now12” over my head. I've seldom seen them grow so well and the peas pods are developing nicely. And now we wait until Jay says, “They're ready.” He waits until the pods have filed out and they reach a sweetness that you never find in pea pods in the supermarket. I know they look like short shell peas but they're not. There's no more room to add string on the first planting so I'm busy adding string to the second planting that seems determined to catch up to the first. I'm still weeding rows and rows of garden because once the harvest starts, there won't be time for weeding.

Even though it's June, Jay is still planting summer crops. MI Gardener's tips on planting in May and June is a good video. Notice the cattle panel fence he uses. I don't know how he bends them into a hoop but the panels can be purchased at Tractor Supply Co. in Hyannis. Be ready to take them home in a truck. They're long but very versatile.

The kitten report. At five weeks old, kittens are at their most adorable cuteness. This morning I caught one of them hanging upside down from a bath towel on the towel rod. All four paws were gripping the towel and the kitten looked like it didn't know if it wanted to swing, cling or drop off. The five of them romp, scamper and climb, then hide and sleep away the day. Jay took a couple of them out to the stand today and they stayed in the dark space under the register but they couldn't resist the urge to climb and the only vertical surface in sight were Jay's legs. The guy is going to have to start wearing jeans in hot weather or get used to getting kitten gashes. If you see him looking distracted while ringing the register, some furry kittens may be getting their exercise at his expense. He is so patient. Now their mom wants them to learn to hunt. She has to show them what to hunt and to do that she is bringing prey, mostly deceased, into the house. It is the cat version of 'show and tell'. The tell part is interesting but I don't speak CAT. Jay is patient. He picks up the prey and disposes it out the back door where our other cats may find an easy snack.

That's all for now. We're busy but we do hope you have room in your gardens for a few more plants.

We'll see you soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

Tel: 774-392-3168

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