On sale this week:


On Sale this week starting Sunday May 9th.- Free soil. For every thirty dollar spent on plants, pre-tax, you get one free bag of Pro-mix 1cf. soil.  please ask for the sale soil at time of check out.

Sale ends Saturday  May 15th.

When working out in your yard or garden, Cape Cod all natural insect repellent or insect repelling sunscreen is available at a great everyday price of just $9.99

Also, check out insect repelling dryer sheets ($3.99)

Cape Cod All Natural Repellent Lotion plus Sunscreen ($9.99) is an all-in-one product, a great anti-aging skin care lotion, a tick and mosquito repellent, and a light sunscreen.  Our formula includes; aloe, green tea, carrot seed oil, cocoa butter, soybean, sesame seed oil, and other essential oils. 


All Natural Dryer Sheets ($3.99)
Treat your clothes to repel ticks and mosquito's naturally; WITHOUT harmful chemicals!
Keep tick and mosquito 
bugs off of your clothes & apparel for 3 to 5 days! The heat from the dryer sheets (no need to wash first) releases the natural repellent formula into the clothes leaving a fresh natural scent.  NO MORE BRINGING TICKS ON YOUR CLOTHES INTO YOUR HOME ESPECIALLY advisable TO USE ON SOCKS, PANTS and EVEN SNEAKERS

Cape Cod All Natural Spray Repellent ($9.99) is aloe based (aloe is good for dry skin, helps in healing cuts, scrapes, and rashes).  Our atomizing pump creates a fine mist which covers a large area making it very economical.  The Spray Repellent can be used on people, clothes, and even pets.