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We are closed Labor Day.  Thank you

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We are open every day from 9-5 

Sprout Farm Newsletter open 9-5 daily until Thanksgiving.

Hello Everyone,



Sprout Farm now has a News Letter.
We no longer advertise our weekly sales in the local newspaper so the best way to learn about our sales is to visit our
facebook page on Saturday mornings, listen to our radio ads on WXTK and WCOD local shows, or sign up to receive our very brief Sprout Farm News Letter.  Learn all about our weekly sales in your email box on Thursday mornings. I don't share any email addresses and everything will arrive BBC. So if you would like our sales ad to arrive in your email box first thing Saturday mornings, send your email address along with just your first name to:
- subject, newsletter,
and I'll take care of the rest.
Thank you,
Phyllis Sprout


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for everything but we are closed for the season. We no longer sell Christmas trees. We can't make any recommendations on where to buy a fresh tree locally but our tree type tip is: if that Christmas tree smell is super important, you want a Balsam tree or wreath. If needle retention is important then buy a Frasier tree. It looks just like the Balsam tree but it doesn't have that smell but it never loses its needles. You ca do a quick test to see how fresh that tree is. Take one needle off the tree and press the two ends together. If the needle snaps, it means the needles are full of moisture. If the needle bends in half but never breaks then the tree doesn't have a lot of moisture. A fresh cut on the bottom of the tree is important but keeping the tree outdoors in a cool spot will delay it being exposed to the drying heat of a living room and hundreds of lights.

We're doing that fake tree again this year. It's not so bad. As I add the tree branches to the center post I add a layer of garland to hide the bare wires in the middle of the tree. It is amazing how just that little extra fullness in the center of the tree makes even a Charlie Brown tree look great. This year I'm adding a strip of lighted garland OOHHHH.

Merry decorating everyone.


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