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Where's the sunshine?

Sprout Farm Newsletter April 23,2023 open 9-5 daily

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry for the delay in this first newsletter. Comcast gave us terrible problems with our daily email limit at the end of last year and this is a test message to see if they have corrected their problem.

We are open and the greenhouses are full, some would say they are too full. The hanging baskets are looking beautiful.

As you drive in you will notice that we have a great deal of bagged soil and that is the sale of the week.

From now through Saturday, April 29, all bagged soil, one cu ft. or larger is 20% off. I think Jay wants some space in the parking lot. The perennials are out by the wooden wall. I will try to get the list posted on the website soon.

The kitten report is that all the kittens are spoken for. What, you didn't know we had kittens? I think someone posted something somewhere and the word just got out. Ziggy had four kittens and Tux had five kittens and all of them will be old enough for their new homes this week or next week. Tux came to us with four week old kittens and they are adorable. She is a sweet cat and we will be getting her spayed soon. When everyone is awake upstairs it sounds like a muted drum roll with all the little pattering paws at 3:45 am. At least someone is excited about a new day.

That's all for now. We will be putting more plants on the benches as soon as the weather really warms up and our mandatory week of cool temps and drizzle are over.

We'll see you all soon,

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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