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Almost Over

Sprout Farm Newsletter Nov. 12, 2022 open 9-5 daily until Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a chance to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather we had this week. It was the perfect time to finish up those garden chores and put up the Christmas lights in preparation of the holiday season. Now that those new electric bills have arrived I think many of us will take advantage of timers to moderate our displays.

Jay wants everyone to know that he has lowered the price of butternut squash to 75¢/lb. (The shortcut for the cents sign on Windows is: alt. 0162) jam is now $5.00/jar until we close for the season and we have baby beets, bunched baby carrots and small size broccoli. The price of peeled squash will not change. We have a good supply of home grown tomatoes and 10 varieties of apples and local cider. We have a few 8oz jars of honey and we don't plan on bringing anymore in.

The gardens are pretty much finished for the year but take notice of the hardy perennial mums that are showing up when they are not covered up by fallen oak leaves. This is the Chrysanthemum rubellum That flowers at the same time as the Montauk Daisy and benefits from pinching and feeding in the early spring. We don't grow this particular mum but I may beg a cutting or two next spring to grow up along side the Montauks. I'm going to bookmark this site for all things Chrysanthemum

The kitten report:

Oh they are cute. They have the run of half of the upstairs so it takes effort on our part to check up on them. They are checking out the litter boxes and there is hope they will be good little kittens. They still sleep in a kitten ball and mom has that Spinx like look that say she's standing guard but we're OK to handle the kittens. I expect they'll be putting on speed next week and start climbing any surface they can get a grip on. That's OK, there's nothing they can hurt up there.

Stop on by and say hi. We'll be here waiting for the last leaf to fall.

See you soon.

Jay and Phyllis Sprout

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